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Post Dec 02, 2016 @ 2:04 pm

-come here practice your fanfiction before posting on onehallyu-
-no review please, these are WIP-
-no insults-
-no negativity, glance at it and move on if you are not liking it, move on.-

SHOW practice session mama  mary come to me NOW.. SPEAK
UTA WHO U TALKING TO -mama of uta yell loudly
 i dont deserve dis now , my moma is a fat cow. pls let me free from this barn . pls i want to run away!
*loud exagggaagr ted steps * 
i hear something .. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! say  again kiddo , said mama shimamura NOW
[ deleted ]
why u do  this mmomma .. im studying like you instructed see: algebra book is done look  empty pg 1  *uta flip bird*
you .......   where is it.. think u are tough and cool, now I spank youuuuuuuu  
oh not the tofu sword  it spanks so rough, it  hurt my bottoms why o why xD (taunting uta)
well your dad has only belt we own we are poor fam
g f urself,
hey moom it doesn't hurt u dno how to use it.. if only dad can show u
dirty  girl !!!!!!!!! *mom take laptop of uta
youtube how to use it if  u will ! xD
*slam door
uta lay down her bed crying  and bored she sleeps 4 now
-unknown time pass
i hate it!!!!!! uta nightmaares continue: i hate mom!!! dream of  being cradled to class from h!P dance practice
why why whywh y why "UTA WAKE UP"
oh hi dad. ur here why. and. how long you hide @ tower records and how long were u @  the red light district? 
hm? i was working
sure :D 
right :D
bad girl........... 
  papa g ot little bit butthurt... belt is being unbuckled but uta jumps out of  window with ease
see u later uta said papa, soup will be on table
"fuck u " - said running uta
uta ran 4 min  before rushing back to house
she ate soup .. . . eating soup.. 
eating soup..
*creaky noises*
(uta knows it is her mama , uta knows she wields a large tofu just waiting till she 's done + stood up then spank her
im eating, i appreciate it if u stop creeping.. weird ur like that guy yoochi
did he do again .. .   **************
why what did he do this time? bkabla
*they chit chat about rumours for 2 hour  .........
no you are going to be a scholar and graduate top honor top scholar in japan! --
quit dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!  mom you are a *******************
wa----------------------hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  the fffffffffffff
  srs algebra is hard enough i need to be realistic   i need to rejoin cg
oh no you wont.. mama  shimamura argue till uta sleepy .. (she is using two item now: eggplant + tofu )
zzzzzzzzzzz  -.-
 if i fail tomorrow cuz you make m yhead concussed k 
both asleep now.
 uta i know you are awake.. SPEAK
uta: why u hiding in the shadow , FREAK
spank * spank * resume
uta fall in deep rem sleep deeper sleepwith each her mom 's strikes
*birds chrip* morning now
elongated yawn .... uta put on clothes without showering and goes to eat bfast and to the bus ... she make haste to avoid her mom and perv fans/stalker
  ;;; ;  her mom packed  her lunch eggplant and tofu and other 'things' like raisins and omega3 fish oils .. she needs it 2:1 ratio omega3:6
fuck study-uta said it.
 and uta take out a sledgehammer aims it towards window ......... but she s got no reflection
 because shes already dead.
DONT READ BELOW its not done
uta did not eat breakfast realizing it is eggplant n tofu
uta walks to the bus and her mom could not reach her ............... 
uta look to the window and daydreams
''someday i will get that elven girl who stole my lines..
'her ears look yummy wanna bite the ears..'
my lines for ur ears.. :D (content feels)
'hope she is  gone when i return.. (ask herself) who? im talking about momochi  berryz berryz oldhag, .........(self t alk, therapeutic )
(uta youu are maybe ..) shutup U CUCK,  i will not say a thing about the voices
uta murmurs herself entire bus r ide....
'wanna slap chisaki'
'wanna be friends with that tall girl' 
'manakan help me'
'h!p bring me back or u will regret everything............i mean that.. i will hrut u very badly edward..  gonna k*llur whole gym
uta clenches her fist ... blood flows down her wrist ass she is grasp(hopper) a boxcutr
uta realizes , and wraps her hand with cloth to prevent further bleeding , skips 3 periods as nurse tend to gash... 
pain level 10 -uta ...... and so she go go go to the ER yo
now preview 2: rough draft i thought of while on toilet
i know, were so poor so go study in ur room
ask dad  why werre poor mom xD 
dont mock me you little twerp.. youre barely 4 foot u will be in serious trouble if u come at me like that
look at u UTa, you are small 4 inch height....if u had belt its little boy belt 
listen .. you gotta be bigger , taller, gotta have weight ...... thats the only way ull give me a war
if ur anyway same height same weight same reach.. youre dead
ur not gonna last ! ! 
mama soon im 18 ur illusion will soon be laid to rest theres no santa claus n dad has no job
shimamura uta.. . . realize u are not close to my level
mom dad is jobless... 
yeah.. just wait im going to slap u head off 
come time .. im  going to take his belt
good luck finding him..
and thats it.. i said it..  
'im just  speakin da truth.'
hey abt papa, i saw him @ barnes n noble playig on his phone-
------------------end of this crap
crap 3
*uta runs room and locks*
*mom of uta unlocks with keY*
old hag, go make a band with momochi u oldie
berryz berryz oldie+ wrinkly ugly 
UTA-chan cmmme here..
-dno yet-
UTA  attacks......... (dream)
nanami you an elf, u jacked my lines, 
n god jacked my height -nnm
what? we are same height - uta
coming for your ears GGBANANWNAW-uta feast
uta . why  !!!! *agony
haha ur ear they missing....., here have lobe ..
*spit it *      
my lines you stole em, punish u i did
cometh sinner atone for u have many sins
your ears are missing as i am missing from band
*cry* shush crybaby *** ,***cussing***, little * **  u are  budget uta 
now   handcuffd  becoming arrested
she escapes and cops unable to keep up
how nanami will revege thiss ickening act !!!!!
where uta go ?
i note left to nnm:
 get b biger taller, gotta have weight, ...... thats the only way ull give me a war
if ur anyway same weight same height same reach.. youre dead
ur not gonna last !! 
ll just eat your whole face !!
the end. 

 ty nopantskp ty allkpop ty kpselca ty 1h ty ea f u bigbluewanker

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