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Groups that should disband because they are taking too much space

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Post Jun 23, 2015 @ 11:30 am

'nugu's' you all mention... They can't disband. I bet they are working even harder and better than the big groups, showing much more effort, improvement, talent and love for their fans. They are much closer to the fans. I always prefer underrated groups like Mr Mr, Bigstar or Boys republic. They have like a special place in my heart because they seem so much more reacheable. And often they have a lot more talent than known groups. Rookie group Legend is a perfect example, they are all vocal talents and bring a different style of music than the current hiphoo wave. A group that should disband according to me is Exo. They are just so fucked up even though I am a fan I am kinda sick of the drama everywhere. All what people can talk about is Exo and SM ent while their music isn't even that good. 100% made two comebacks last year btw. And C-clown really has disbandment rumors and I am very worried because they still have a lot to show.

Final conclusion: my nugu groups are musically better than all the others. Rookie groups composing their own song? That's a big yes for me. Dancers being in a multi-group dance project? Another big yes. You should watch out for other angry nugu fans.

Post Jun 30, 2015 @ 3:00 pm

Ohh the butthurt lol
I agree on everything but AS and AOA bc I'm biased af.
Afterschool can't disband because they have the most interesting concept for a female group so that's a no for me.
AOA is everything. They're not any sluttier than girls day and they actually have other talents lol.

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Post Jun 30, 2015 @ 9:56 pm

I think the groups that are either not doing any comebacks for too long should disband or groups that have been popular but now are just failing miserably. 

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Post Jul 04, 2015 @ 6:30 am

After School are so different from their debut days and I hate that, and obviously nothing they do has helped them become popular

Wonder Girls are just a tragic mess, thnks for ruining what was a very decent group JYP

Super Junior, ehh... shitty, no one cares about them anymore

Same with 2PM, and maybe ft island should give up too

Post Oct 06, 2016 @ 3:00 pm

Oh please Ukiss might be unknown but they're not disbanding any time soon... we've been through so much there's no way....

Post Oct 09, 2016 @ 6:30 am

Unique wrote:
isthisthekrustykrab wrote:damn you guys are a bunch of haters 
I wouldn't say haters, more like "kpop fans that are getting tired of thousands of repetitive groups, and idols who stay inactive for most of the year and then comeback like nothing has happened"

Oh my gosh, I want to punch into your face because of that =))

Super Junior will never disband! Do not say like you're the one who decide to dissolve them =))

But, actually I think that you're right about this "kpop fans that are getting tired of thousands of repetitive groups". And of course I'm tired of the appearances of many group in K-Pop industry. But we can choose who we want to watch, who we want to love, and who we want to be their fan. =))

Nobody has wanted to do big trouble so I ended up in here =)) Best wishes to you =)) And please changed your mind about it =))

Post Jan 10, 2017 @ 3:30 am

Super Junior: What are they even doing at this point?

miss A: 1/3 of talent line has left so might as well just disband cause I don't see how Suzy is gonna hold it down.

After School: Where did they even go? I only Orange Caramel tbh.

Secret: Sunhwa has already left and TS just keeps throwing us mediocre solo albums by Hyosung and Jieun (I actually like Jieun but them sales....). Like damn at least give Hana something to do.

Post Mar 12, 2017 @ 3:30 pm

my fav group is non of them.. but it still hurt other..

Post Mar 12, 2017 @ 3:39 pm

Unique wrote:This is the kpop industry rn:
SHOW SPOILER The only way to clean it out is to get rid of all the useless groups that are just taking up space (news, tv shows, stupid scandals that no one cares, etc) or for other reasons.
Feel free to suggest more groups:

Definitely yes
Super Junior - you're time is over now, so just leave the industry for good.
Girl's Day - only one of them can sing and they just got popular because of dating scandals. It's ridiculous
Nine Muses - too much changes. No one cares anymore.
Got7 - Flop. Bye
Miss A - Only Suzy is popular and she's pretty much sustaining the other's lives.
2am - No one cares anymore.
2pm - No one cares in Korea and if they are doing as well overseas as they say, they should promote there and leave the kpop industry.
M.I.B - One of the members got popular but he's going solo, which proves he doens't care for the group anymore.
Lovelyz - Only got popular because of a severe scandal.
After School - They never got popular.
T-ara - No one cares anymore
100% - Are they even active anymore?
4Laides - ^
4Men- ^^
5Dolls - ^^^
4Minute - Hyuna should go solo.
A.Cian - Who?
Ajax - Bye.
BadKidz - Who?
BBde - ^
B Dolls - ^^
Baby Soul - ^^^
Baby Vox - ^^^^
Big Star - ^^^^^
Bikiny - ^^^^^^
Billion - ^^^^^^^
Boyfriend - Just stay in Japan
Boys Republic - BYEEEEE.
Brave Girls - WHOOOO???????
Brown Eyed Girls - Your time is over. Officially disband.
BTOB - Did they ever get popular?

C-Clown - ^
Chocolat - Are they still active?
C-Real - ^
Dalshabet - ^^
Delight - WHO?
Deminon - ^
Double JC - Flop
Dream Girls - Who?
Evol - ^
Fiestar - Are they still active?
Flashe - WHO?
GangKidz - Never got popular.
G.I - ^
Girls2School - Who?
Glam - Are they still active?
Goddess - Who????
GPBasic - Never got popular.
HAM - Who???
Harisu - ^
Heart Rabbit Girls - ^^
Hello Venus - Too much member changes. Got fucked up.
History - Flop
Jewelry - Are they still active?
LC9 - Flop
Myname - Just stay in Japan
Ocean Girls - who?
Rainbow - Bye
StheOne - WHO?
Seventh Grade Class 1 - BYEEEEE
Shez - ^
Stellar - ^^
Swing Girls - WHO?
Teen Top - No one cares anymore.
Tahiti - Never got popular
Tiny-G - one of the members got popular but not the group.
U-Kiss - The kings of the nugus. 
VenusFlyTrap - WHOOOO?
VettyL - ^
Vivid - ^^
Woman Power - ^^^
Wonder Girls - Your time is over.
Zea - Never got popular

SNSD - If their next comeback is shit.
Red Velvet - If they end up like GOT7
SECRET - If they don't leave the company.
F(x) - If they don't kick out Sulli
Apink - If they keep on copying
Bigbang - If they don't comeback next year
Winner - If they keep on promoting in Japan and coming to Korea once a year just to collect cash.
Sonamoo - If their plan is to pull out an Apink and copy everything.
EXO - If another member leaves or if they get in more trouble
AOA - If they don't slow down on the slutty moves (yes slutty, not sexy)

Post Mar 12, 2017 @ 3:41 pm

Super Junior- lmao bye
got7- lmaooooo byeeeeeee
ewxo- lmao heck naw
nuguTS- nope boiz lmao
twix- practice on singing then comeback 
SNSD- they're all going their separate ways
miss a- ^

Post Apr 01, 2017 @ 1:30 pm

TonyTonyChopper wrote:SNSD doesn't need to disband because they can survive on my love *insert cheesy-as-hell soundtrack*

isthisthekrustykrab wrote:damn you guys are a bunch of haters

They probably didn't get what they wanted from Santa this year and now their hearts are filled with hatred. 

LMAO! Seriously? U thought we're gonna be nice? And isn't there a "BASH" tag or something? LMAO

Post May 25, 2017 @ 12:30 am

Aren't half these groups dead anyways lol