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should i give my parents $10,000?

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Post Jan 13, 2017 @ 12:00 am

They are in debt because of careless spending. They make $150k a year. I make more than them.

They can pay off $10k pretty easily but they suck at managing their money. To them, they think paying off debt is by getting a loan to pay it off.

I agreed to pay them $10k recently but they had a big argument today and I told them I'm not helping them anymore. The next few days they will be bugging me on top of arguing. Right now they are pretending that they aren't mad at each other. That everything is ok when it's not. They are so fucking two faced, it's ridiculous. I have a feeling if I do give them money, they will take it, then continue to argue again about stupid shit. So I'm not giving it. They live like fucking crackheads. Whitney and Bobby smoking crack and fighting all day. That's how I feel about them. If I do give them money, it will just send a message that I'm okay with them arguing.

Also they sure picked a great time to ask for money. The year I plan on buying a home for myself and moving out, they ask for money.

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