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Boy Group The Kimochi phrase is used by Jav actors

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Post Mar 25, 2018 @ 3:00 pm

When listening to "Kimochi", you will have a lot to think about the beautiful Japan. There are many friends who learn a lot and know about "Kimochi". So hereafter I would like to present the analysis for you do not understand or have not heard from this ever. What is "Kimochi", what does it mean and how is it used? We analyze together.

First, let's introduce you, "Kimochi" is a Japanese word. It means: feeling, mood. "Kimochi" as a word expresses the attitude and feelings of the speaker after a phenomenon, action or incident occurs. It has the meaning of Feeling (sense, emotion) in English.

Example: kimochi ii = A good feeling could be.

In contrast, kimochi warui = A bad feeling could be.

This is a multi-meaning word in Japanese culture. If in everyday life it means feeling, the mood in the field of family matters, especially the couple, wider than the Japanese sex industry, "Kimochi" means : ok, happy or happy. It is said when men satisfy their partner completely or even vice versa.

For example, kimochi ii is translated as too much or too much.

The Japanese culture has many words to express its emotions, and "Kimochi" is one of them.

What is a good Japanese word and not you? It's being saved in Japanese vocabulary right now.

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