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Economical Forterr tractor

The Forterra 140 HSX tractor is the latest product from Zetor, which the manufacturer boasted at the International Agro Show in Bednary.
HSX drive system

Zetor Forterra 140 with 136 hp is currently the largest and best equipped tractor from the entire Zetor range. The Forterra HSX series includes tractors from 97 to 136 hp (5 models). They are equipped with HSX drive system with 3-stage Power Shift and Power Shuttle. The drive system allows 30 forward and 30 reverse gears with electrohydraulic reverse. The tractors meet all current Euro 3B emission standards. The lifting capacity of the Forterry HSX is 8500 KN.

All Forterry and Forterry HSX are equipped with extremely efficient and economical in terms of fuel consumption 16-valve, 4-cylinder Zetor engines, which obtained sensational results during tests carried out by DLG - German Agricultural Society. - Combustion dropped by 30% - explains Dariusz Sobiś from Zetor Polska.
Forterr turns 10 meters

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This year, Zetor carried out another modernization of the entire Forterra and Forterra HSX range, including new drive axles with a central shaft, which reduced the turning radius. Today, Forterra turns back on less than 10 m. In addition, the possibility of torsional fenders and cab suspension. - In addition, the cabins are equipped with new roofs with a glass front and upholstery that reduces the volume in the cab - said Robert Szewczyk from the company Zetor Polska. The braking system of the front axle has been changed, the efficiency of the rear axle brakes has been increased, 4 speeds of the PTO shaft controlled by the lever in the cabin have been introduced, the PTO shaft has been started from the rear fenders and the electrohydraulic PTO activation has been used, the engine extinguishing method has been changed - now this is done by turning the key and many others changes.