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Hello~ c:

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Tatsu said
Oh my shit, I caught up with Aoharide and am just waiting for the next chapter~ <3
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Craykyungce replied
Oh Fruits Basket is a classic~ but the main character annoyed me a lot xD. yes I read a shit ton of shoujo manga precisely, one of my fave being Hirunaka no ryuusei. but writing a list of what I read or currently reading would be too long.

Tatsu replied
I guuess I like to read Shoujo, too. Basically anything with school life/love. Or something with robots and love, too XD I'm really bored with Friuts Baskets this time around, but I really want to finish it so I can start other mangas~ The list of mangas I'm planning on reading is getting longer and longer XD I'll add Hirunaka no ryuusei to it, since you said it's a fave~ :3

Craykyungce replied
Yeah me too! I am particularly fond of school life/ romance and slice of life manga. I don't mind a little fantasy once in a while too. What have you read so far that you liked?

Craykyungce replied
Oh and Hirunaka no Ryuusei is fave because I really like the heroine, she is not exactly the "typical shoujo". The story is really cute and sweet at first but it really gets interesting when the love triangle kicks in xD With all the drama. Oh and the boys are hot. Just sayin'

Tatsu replied
Well, I've just started reading manga. I read more as a kid, but I just got back into it. I'm gonna start reading mangas of j-dramas I've watched. So Koizora would be the school romance and Zettai Kareshi for robot romance, etc. I really don't like the typical heroine characters, like extremely cutesy. But I'll def get to reading it once I finish the others ! ^^

littlejay said

Craykyungce replied
Oi, go away creep. I thought you only appreciated white chicks =.=

Catbread said
mmmmmmmmmm....... /moans
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Craykyungce replied
wha- hello there :3