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Hi, I'm Angel!

I'm the head of strategic planning at KpopCanada.com
You probably recognize us better as Pop!GoesTheWorld, as we host monthly Kpop club nights in the hottest club in downtown Toronto! We're working hard to bring more Kpop to North America, so stay tuned for more news :)

I also write a blog at www.DragonsForAngel.com < br />And I loveee EXO so much at the moment. Don't be shy, I don't bite :)


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Aug 10, 2014 @ 10:05 pm

“workday is over- good night!”

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happy long weekend ^_^
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Kpop Selca! Party in Toronto with Popgoestheworld
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I am a dancer too! ^_^
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Angel is now officially on KpopSelca! :)
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Kpop taking over the worldd! :) 
It's me ANGEL from KpopCanada.com (aka PopGoesTheWorld, Kpop club nights).
We host your kpop/Korean culture events across Canada! Say hi :) 

Finally, a place to put all my selcas instead of Instagram!

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littlejay replied
u should introduce urself on the forums thats where most people communicate

DragonsForAngel replied
woop- thank you :)

littlejay replied
ur welcome. is green tea ur favorite tea?

DragonsForAngel replied
Rooibus, and oolong milk tea are my favourite :) But I still drink green the most, hehe!

littlejay replied
i like thai iced tea the most but Arizona green tea is good too.

littlejay said
are u Hienwa's girlfriend?
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DragonsForAngel replied
Haha^ unfortunately not, but we know each other ^_^

Catbread said
you are gorgeous!
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DragonsForAngel replied
Wahh thank you :3 Kitteh, though! Maybe I'll post a selfie with kitty!

Catbread replied
oo yay! :D

littlejay replied
i wanna see ur kitteh too