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Annyeong! I luv meeting awesome new peeps, especially when they have a common interest with me. I have no life, and wifi so pretty much this is my life. I love gaming, reading/writing fanfic, making my non-kpop/kdrama/anime friends listen to me fangirl, watching all of those things, anything kpop pretty much, eating (mostly asian food), and I actually love swimming. *Gasp* ik, surprising, i like some athletics! *OMG* xD lol no, but feel free to say hi, I'm in too many fandoms, u should say hi.


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Dec 29, 2015 @ 8:21 am

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HanHaYeon said
Oh yah kkaebsong. 
Y oppa no notice me 
Notice me senpai
Notice meeeeee
No love for a kawaii potato in this world
xD lol
That's just pretty much a summary of day in my life, and somehow the fangirling/boying whirlpool brought me here, and found me some new victims
No but hey, I'm always looking for some fellow trainees, so feel free to say hi or something, believe me I'm as weird as it gets, i'm in a lot of fandoms, but I'd love it if you could introduce me to some new ones! 
~Haneul ;P