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Hey! I'm Jake.
Feel free to add me, talk to me, etcetc! I talk to anyone and everyone. :)
I love many different groups and soloists, as you'll most likely find out. ♥


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Jan 07, 2016 @ 7:45 pm

“널 절대 못 잊어”

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Jiyoung from She'z
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Jiyoung from She'z
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suvizzz said

Helloooo <3 (I can't believe I forgot to write to your wall)

1 others thanked this comment. thank

InLoveWith2NE1 replied
Omg, it was weird seeing a comment saying "suvizzz left a comment on your profile wall!", but YAY we finally have profile walls, and you were the first one to post on mine! Congrats :P I love that GIF of Bom so much ♥ (I totally edited this comment because of what happened in the thread I tagged you in.. Haha!)

suvizzz replied
haha it's an honor to be first to post to your wall :D And now I feel special because I was screenshotted too xD