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1.) Leo (VIXX)
2.) T.O.P (BigBang)
3.) Hoseok (BTS)
4.) Yixing / Minseok (EXO)
5.) Onew (SHINee)
6.) Bobby (iKon)
7.) Himchan (B.A.P)
8.) Seungho (MBLAQ)
9.) Ukwon / Bbomb (Block B)
10.) Kyungil (History)
11.) Chansung (2PM)


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please give me your opinion o:

LynnX said
So, I just noticed there is B2uty in your sig!!

Didn't realize you have become a fan! 
Do you have a bias?
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Jac replied
Haha I've been a fan for a while. Just forgot to add them to my sig. I do have a bias. 2 actually. Doojoon and Junhyung. ^^ You?

LynnX replied
I remember talking to you about them after you saw them at the Dream Concert xD Yay! Mine is Junhyung! Though I am mostly OT6 biased, but Junhyung is a strong second after Gukkie! Have you watched Burning The Beast? xD

Jac replied
Omg yeah haha. Junhyung's dog is sooo cute! But that show is what made Doojoon my bias. There were so many moments when he made stupid faces and I was dying for a gif of them.

Unique said
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sangrim143 said
if you are alone,
i'll be your shadow

if you want to cry,
i'll be your shoulder

if you want a hug,
i'll be your pillow.

if you need to be happy,
i'll be your smile.

but any time you need a friend,
i'll just be me ~ ^^  
My browser just crashed and I lost the reply I was writing out to you.

life doesn't like me right now.
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Jac replied

Jac replied

CaptainHepHap replied
:3 /hughug

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Jac replied
Don't worry, Taekwoonie, 누나 will find you soon.

littlejay said
how's japan?
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Jac replied
Amazing. Expensive. Everyone is a lot taller than people said they were. I'm like average height here. Shorter than a lot of the men by quite a bit. I am keeping a blog if you want to see photos and stuff. http://theblueberrystandard.tumblr.com/ ^.^

littlejay replied
cool, i knew it would be expensive. thanks ill check ur blog out.

littlejay replied
are those ur friends that live in japan?

Jac replied
The Japanese girl, yes. The other girl was someone from the hostel I stayed at. I'm going to post my next blog entry soon and I have photos with my Korean friend who lives in Tokyo.

LynnX said
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littlejay said
ur a faggot and im blocking u forever
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