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oh my god you're still here!? I thought EVERYONE left
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PhoenixVFIRE replied
im not, i just decided to check in on this site and see how things were just out of curiosity lol... im not even into kpop anymore tbh

BlackJack said
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Oh wow you still love Leo?
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PhoenixVFIRE replied
maybe not the same way I did in the beginning, but yeah, I'm still into VIXX and all that. I'm not into Kpop tho

Lightning_Farron replied
awww D:

Ghost said
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PhoenixVFIRE replied
lol hello~

Ghost replied

please give me your opinion o:
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PhoenixVFIRE replied
woah nice, when did you get those done?

brodeurprice replied
literally yesterday x.x my friend asked me for a favour bc she has a new fb page and i agreed

brodeurprice replied
tbh idk what i think

PhoenixVFIRE replied
Most of them are good IMO, some seem out of place, but other than that, I think it's good~

brodeurprice replied
thank youu^^ I'll be sure to keep that in mind for future reference :3

like she's so adorable and sexy and pretty and amazingly talented and has a great voice
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PhoenixVFIRE replied
lmfao see!? She's just amazing~

thisname1 said
hey, zach! on kayo, i changed my password to something i don't remember so that i don't log-in. although, i have another account that i've been using a little lol. i felt like ##### was kind of hostile, and i was tired of seeing arguments. it kind of fueled my emotional issues. seeing people all worked up triggers me a bit (not massively, but sometimes i feel like i'm gonna cry). i ranted a little bit about hating the majority of the forum, and someone told me to just go on akp haha. i just kind of feel like since i was with the forum community for almost 4 years, a new wave of people are coming in and are kind of ruining it for me. 
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PhoenixVFIRE replied
Hey~ omgosh do you legit not remember it? D: lol... and Ahhh yeah, I understand. Tbh I've just started using that place a bit more often now, just because it's so slow here. If it makes you feel that way, it's good to stay away then :3... oh did you make a thread about that or???

thisname1 replied
i ranted on the random thought thread haha

626jeff626 said
I thought you were a ze:a stan cause "pheonix." lol they have a song with that title name. 
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PhoenixVFIRE replied
haha nah, I mean, I like some ZE:A songs(that one included), but Phoenix comes from X-Men~

is that
seo in guk in glasses
please tell me it is and that my ears aren't playing tricks on me D:
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PhoenixVFIRE replied
lmfao... I don't think people would fall for it, but it'd be amusing. Yeah, he plays both parts ^_^

CaptainHepHap replied
they wouldn't fall for it but they could use their imagination, but it would be amusing I agree, and oh wow that's gotta be tough to do or at least not easy

PhoenixVFIRE replied
I've heard it's not really that hard to put the same person in the same scene tbh... it's usually a still camera or just cut and splice scenes together to make it look like you're talking to yourself. Also, they can use look-alikes if you need to physically interact with them, but not show their face.

CaptainHepHap replied
oh, well that is true too, I've heard things similar to that. I've just always wondered this, especially after Parent Trap and in one of the episodes of Supernatural with the shapeshifter shifting itself into Dean, but yeah that explains a lot now.

PhoenixVFIRE replied
lol yeah, the first movie I think of when it's stuff like this is Parent Trap, but I managed to not mention cuz I wanted to see if I could actually explain or talk about this without mentioning it haha ^_^