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I am an English teacher. When I have free time, I help writing a thesis statement for my students. By giving them instructions and tips. I am a fan of design, travel, and coffee. I’m also interested in reading and writing.


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Romelia said
Methodology Section of Dissertation Writing

The Methodology chapter is an essential element of any dissertation for it describes the methods you will be using during the research. When writing this section you should do a review of the issues that need to be addressed. In other words, you should decide on the questions you are going to answer and the issues you might run into while looking for the answers.

Complete Description of Methodology Planning

Besides that, you have to include a general overview or definition of the avenue you have chosen during the research, so you should supply a complete description of how you are planning to collect the essential information and what analytical agenda you will follow in order to come to certain conclusions based on the obtained information. Be clear and precise in presenting the methods you were using for the reader to see that you were thorough and the methodology you used was in depth.

Professional Guidance

Writing a dissertation methodology chapter is a tedious process, so if you have a tough time expressing your thoughts on piece of paper, don’t hesitate to look for professional guidance.