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19 years old
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I'm Muslim.

I stalk VIXX.
Ultimate Bias: Leo.
Current DP: Huckleberry P.
Current Sig: Huckleberry P.

~That is all~


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Jun 01, 2015 @ 11:50 pm

“Shit, I messed up...”

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nana said
Hey, I see you like Huck P, are you also a HiLite Fan?
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Tatsu replied
Yes qurl, I'm all about a bright life~

Tatsu replied
(btw, I'll reply to you in like late May or something)

nana replied
okay lol

Imma come back to KPS for you <3
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Tatsu replied

So I found this thread: http://kpopselca.com/forum/post744609.html?

And I thought that maybe I should just log in and accept you lol.
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Tatsu replied
Well, yeah it's about time

Tatsu replied
I mean *innocent mode* Yay~! ^^ I really liked you on akp and your funny Joon stuff and yeah~

Itsquinnbro replied
omg you remember that? noo. That was so embarrassing lmao. I've grown up now aha

Tatsu replied
Sorry, I have great memory...so I still remember your embarrassing moments XD Anyways welcome back to KPS~

littlejay said
why are u on a semi hiatus?
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littlejay replied
honeybooboo told me ur doing bad on hw and thats why u can't go on here aka ur grounded.

littlejay replied
u gotta learn how to multi task like me.

Tatsu replied
Arab parents don't ground their kids. I'm just a tad bit (aka failing all my classes) behind in school work *hijab flip* teach me your ways, Hep *sob*

littlejay replied
do ur parents punish u at all?

Tatsu replied
Sadly, I was disowned.

littlejay said
hey baby girl.....stay perfect just for me

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littlejay replied
never i look like a light skinned @Melons

HoneyBooBoo replied
Pics or it didn't happen ^ - ^ ?

Tatsu replied
^ Hey, back the F up you don't get to make the calls around here. I do.

Tatsu replied
*clears throat*

Tatsu replied
So Pics? Yeah, those would be nice ;D