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suvizzz said
*sending love sending love sending love*
Hi :)
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suvizzz replied
Oh btw my fave in snsd is seohyun :)) I also like solo singers like Crush and Zion.t and a few rappers. hey how long have you been into kpop?

ThatAwkwardPenguin replied
I actually found myself interested in a decent amount of rookie groups this year. Just watch Oh My Girl's Closer and that's all you need to see, bc it was really good. ^^ Well, I came across it for the first time in August 2014, but didn't become a fan until October-ish 2014. So it's been about more than a year.

suvizzz replied
I think I've heard that one. It's nice, actually. I found kpop in August 2011 :)

ThatAwkwardPenguin replied
Whoa~ Long time fan, huh? :D

suvizzz replied
omg hahaha it feels weird to hear someone say that cuz I always saw myself as a new fan. I guess that was only back in 2012-13 when everyone was like "I've been a fan since 2008 muahhahaa" but now it's cool if you've been a fan since 2011 lol :D