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hi !!! i'm active user allkpop forum  as a hardcore shawol before it change become shitty i realise that i lost contact with all my shawol friends that from allkpop..and somehow i tried to google up my allkpop username and find this
i see one comment saying that @TzufiJun miss me ?? omg so because of u i feel i need to keep in touch with all my shawol friends again... yup...i'm xiangtaemin...SHINee is back !!! I'm back too!!!
and i'm gonna say...i miss u tooo...btw i see that u're not log in for such a long time...i hope u can back soon and we'll be friend again~
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TzufiJun replied
well I don't know about everyone because It's been AGES since I entered the shinee thread in kayoforum (it's like a kpop forum with a format similar to the old allkpop.. but not under the same management) But I think most of the people are there. I'm there more in the general kpop discussions and stuff. Atlantica (Nick) is more in One Hallyu I guess, You should visit if you feel like.. I bet you'll feel great in the shinee thread. I don't visit there cause it's messy in my eyes to follow all the posts so I just follow shinee through the general forum, tumblr, other stuff.. and friends.

xiangtaemin replied
ohhh i see..i will go there if i want to next time lol.btw i heard israel people are living in fear because idk what's happenning...are u okay dear?? what's actually happening ?

TzufiJun replied
sure I'll be glad to see you there. My nickname there is Tzu (: and yeah most of the country is under attack of missiles from gaza. My city is near some of the attacks but meanwhile there wasn't an alarm here. Usually the southerns suffer more because they're closer to gaza and they've been under missiles for years but now they launch alooot a day. thank for your worry

xiangtaemin replied
ohh i see..that;s suck...u must have families living in southerns area careful....ur daily life must be limited these day ,right? i hope ur study doesn't disturb by this....btw...can this war just ends?i mean people might hurt and die..

TzufiJun replied
My brother lives in a city nearby that has alarms everyday. And while I was in uni to study for an exam I have next week (my uni is also in a city near mine) there was an alarm and we all had to run to protected rooms. I wish this war ended. But the attacks are coming and going all the time. There were also 3 boys abducted and murdered by palestinians a month ago. then some psychos decided they need to avenge and killed a palestinian boy. But you know what's the difference? while they want it and celebrate the death of our boys, we see those who murdered their boy as psychos and we shame them. our leaders consolted the family and arrested the (israeli) murderers, But they help their terrorists hide and they praise them for killing jews. The Hammas controls Gaza and we suffer from their shit all the time. Alot of people want peace, but the terror organizations (and some citizens who support them) just want our land and want to kill us.