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VIXXszpak said
Akkkkkk I'm obsessed with Lee Hyori's U Go Girl 
VIXXszpak said
Hello!! My name is Anna^^ 
I'm currently 16, and I love reading fanfics that include my crushes. Hehe, I crush on anime guys, actors, musicians/idols, and guys from books. I might try writing a story or two on , but no promises 'cause I'm always busy with school. Plus, I like to read rather than write. Okay my people, thank you for spending your precious time checking out my profile, and have a wonderful day xoxoxo

I am a MAJOR kpop fan!! If you have any recommendations, please do tell!

Kpop I love: Faves are *
-Block B*
-VIXX* (My bias group)
-Clazziquai Project
-Super Junior
-Topp Dogg
-Epik High
-Akdong Musician*
-Teen Top
-Brown Eyed Girls*
-Red Velvet

Biases: (in ranked order and subject to frequent change^^ Although Leo's been #1 for quite a few months) *** Just a note, my rankings aren't just based on their looks. They include personality, vocals, charms, etc.

1. Leo <3 (He is my ultimate bias ans no he's not a robot, he just shows his emotions towards things he truly cares about. When he smiles, it's because he's genuinely happy, not because he wants to fake it for cameras. He loves kids + animals, he's handsome, sincere, keeps his private life separate, realistic, and he has the passion and voice of an angel)

2. Kevin (Sweetheart, and he never gets upset! I love how innocent he is.)

3. N (Njumma XD, caring yet fun at the same time)

4. Daesung (He's hilarious, and has an angelic smile. Boy can he singgggggg!)

5. Seungri  (So underappreciated, even I hated his playboy image, but I hear his voice, watch his dance, and notice the passion he has. His efforts don't go unnoticed by me)

6. Zico (No one gives me chills like he does when he raps. He'll always be my #1 rapper! He's so beautiful in person!)

7. Ukwon (Sexy voice and dancing skills, a gentleman, gorgeous smile and eyes, my goodness!)

8. Gdragon (His fashion, his unique voice, his looks, all amaze me.)

9. Ravi (Ahhhh my dear Ravi, you're beautiful, you snore loudly, have hilarious derps, and your raps are so smooth. Honestly, I fall asleep listening to your wonderful voice. A piece of art.)

10. Hongbin (There's something special about his smile, his dimples, I don't know. He's just so beautiful the way he is. He does not and never will need plastic surgery. And his voice, ugh^^ <3)

11. Taeyang (Voice like honey, dances like a god, my goodness he's going to rise (no pun intended^^) up my bias list pretty soon.)

12. Ren (I love how androgynous he looks, but how strong he actually is! Plus, he's so funny!! I'm just starting to get into NU'EST so I'll update on this.)

13. Tao (I love him even though he's a crybaby, it just means he's sensitive. His looks are so unique and I fell for him at first glance! Not to mention that wushu ability is so attractive.)

14. Sehun (Oh my god he's such a troll. Almost like Chen. But he's really gorgeous. And when he's in a suit, I'M DEAD. Suits were made for him.)

15. Luhan (Lulu is a manly man! Ahem.... that is also prettier than most of the world's female population.... ahem....)

16. Xiumin (The cheeks, the smile, the aegyo, my god he's adorable!!! And.... I think 8 years older than me... Moving on!)

17. T.O.P (Okay, who doesn't love T.O.P?!?! He's so elegant, and it only makes him more mysterious that he never shows much skin. He's one classy rapper!)

18. P.O (I just love his deep and rough voice, his red hair, purple hair, and now pink hair^^ He's so friendly, and my goodness he's charming! Not to mention hilarious!!)

19. Bbomb ( They don't call him Bbomb for nothing! He's a gentleman, gorgeous in person, and his singin and dancing is always on point! Plus, he rocks glasses)

20. CNU (I love his long hair, glasses, smile, and I think he looks adorable when he's chubby! And his voice is so relaxing!)

21. Minhyun (There's just this charm about him... I feel like memories flood through my mind when I look at him. So nostalgic...)

22. Zelo (From his ramen hair to his cute childish looks, he's just so likable!!)

23. Lee Joon (Not very familiar with him but that smile, it kills me every time. And he was so cute on Hello Baby)

24. Kim Heechul (Those eyebrows are so attractive, and with long hair, oh my goodness yes. I saw him on We Got Married and what a sweetheart! Sorry to say I don't know him too well T.T)

Manga/Anime that I love:
-Pandora Hearts
-Black Butler
-One Piece
-Chibi Vampire
-Fruits Basket
-Pokemon (older the better)
-Yu Gi Oh (older the better)
-Studio Ghibli movies
-Hotarubi no Mori e
-Wolf Children

Movies I love:
-Princess Bride
-Narnia (the first one was the best in my opinion, like WOW)
-Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton)
-Edward Scissorhands
-Pirates of the Caribbean (the first 3 will always be my favorites)
-The Labyrinth
-Pan's Labyrinth
-Harry Potter ( Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Azkaban and Goblet of Fire were my favorites)
-The Good The Bad And The Ugly
-The Craft
-Dumb and Dumber
-Austin Powers (oh my gosh I just can't with these movies^^)
-Mr. Bean's Holiday
-Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
-The Hunger Games + Catching Fire
-Home Alone (first two)
-Devil Wears Prada
-P.S I Love You (cried so much)
-White Chicks
-Monster's Inc. (All pixar movies are just <3)
-Thor (Loki <3)
-28 Days Later +28 Weeks Later (Ugh Jeremy Renner you sexy beast you! XD)

T.V Shows/Dramas:
-Chocolate Com Pimenta
-Duas Caras
-Flower Boy Next Door
-Boys Over Flowers
-My Love From Another Star
-We Got Married
-Exo Showtime
-VIXX tv
-Courage the Cowardly Dog
-Xiaolin Showdown
-Between the Lions
-Dragon Ball Z
-Teen Titans
-Game of Thrones
-Cosby Show
-Sanford and Son

Anywho.... I hope this helped you to get to know me a bit more! Please dont be a stranger! Follow me on:

-Twitter: @PhantomCaster5

-Instagram: vixxszpak

-Tumblr: vixxszpak