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Well, I'm just a girl that likes sports, video games, anime and manga.
Bias List in order
1) ♥ B.I ♥
2) Bobby - Baekhyun (Sawrry T.T)
3) Mino - June
So basically, I bias iKON, WINNER, and EXO.


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Apr 09, 2015 @ 2:25 pm

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Your DP

XxGamerGirlxX replied
Oh thank you! He looks so handsome doesn't he? And you should join us on iKON's thread if you are a fan!

UlzzangNicky replied
Is it active? I 've obsessed with iKON and need somewhere to vent my frustration with then not debuting soon enough! And yes he does. His little smile is adorable

XxGamerGirlxX replied
It's kinda active. Come by and let it all out xD

UlzzangNicky replied
Okay, I'll bring Hanbin spam

Hello there, fellow EXO-L 


XxGamerGirlxX replied
Heey, wassup? -I just realized that younger than me, I thought you were 20-something lol-

TonyTonyChopper replied
Lol, others have thought that I was older too XD Oh snap, we've got the same bias in SHINee! Y u so perfect?

XxGamerGirlxX replied
Guess we have things in common, and yeah I'm so fabulous *hairflip* xD

Rice said
What genre other than kpop are you a fan of?
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XxGamerGirlxX replied

Rice replied
discussing about asian and western entertainment

XxGamerGirlxX replied
Oh that. I'm really sorry, I can't do that. I have to prepare for Eid starting on 27th and exams starting on 10/9 so I'm gonna be really busy though I really wanna do it.

Rice replied
well, it's okay but after your exams if you still want to join, you can :)

XxGamerGirlxX replied
Sure, I'll see if I can.

alex12 said
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XxGamerGirlxX replied

littlejay said
Hello! I just added you as friend
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