The Face Of Kpop

Kpopselca is the first photo rating platform and hub for international k-pop fans, ulzzangs, fashionistas, photographers, foodies and more!
Started in 2013, we are filling a void by being the first k-pop community with a strong focus on photography. Until now, there has never been a notable photo site devoted to k-pop. It has always been about the celebrity news and gossip, but we are determined to change that soon. The opportunity came when Korean celebs began sharing self-camera photos abbreviated as "selca" (singular form) or "selcas" (plural form) in recent years. In a society obsessed with looking their best, k-pop idols are quick to share photos of themselves on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Korean SMS like me2day or UFOtown. There is also an alarming obsession among teenagers in South Korea asking people to "Rate My Face" on Internet Cafe boards for the sole purpose of improving their image and well-being. Kpopselca is honored to be at the center of these growing obsessions and to proudly represent the daily lifestyle of both Korean idols and k-pop fans through their own camera lens. Capture all the latest insights about K-pop culture, Korean fashion, beauty, cosmetics and photography one snapshot at a time at Kpopselca!

What are selcas?

The term "selca" was introduced by Korean netizens who married the English words "self" and "camera" together. A selca is a self-portrait photo that is carried out when you take a picture of yourself, by yourself or with other people. It is the same thing as a selfie photo. A selca is usually captured at an arm's distance (but not all the time) and sometimes with the help of a mirror or other techniques. Selcas are NOT studio, commercial, fancam or animated gifs.

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