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Taeyeon is my favourite and I like Hyuk a lot too


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“Hyuk is my Husband”

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Hyuk is my husband but he is a crazy stalker. (I guess that's why I'm with Hongbin) Then there is Ken who is crushing. This could be the concept followers uk
How can anyone rely on it? It's not what they wanted and they are going to face issues with reviews. It's not something that a lot of people can still work on or get some new ideas.
please give me your opinion o:
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banditcoon replied
They're really great pictures of you :D

brodeurprice replied
ikr i was so thankful to the girl who took them x.x first time i have ever been able to look at my face without cringing lolz

A fellow Sone on KPS!? And you bias Taengoo as well!! Why didn't I notice you earlier? I dunno much about you but you're clearly awesome :)

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banditcoon replied
Taeyeon is

TonyTonyChopper replied
I bias her too :) She's great!

tae said
Thank you for reading my post and the 'thanks'~  
Hope you have the best of day today 
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was going to take your profile virginity xD but hyuk was a little ass and refused to be seen
it was a failed 1st time, I hope u'll forgive me xD
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banditcoon replied
I forgive you, because hyuk is a cute little shit