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Hiya, I'm Beth, my Korean name is Hwang EunSo... I'm 17, English and I love K-Pop.
Fan clubs include: C.NBlue (Bias- Yonghwa) BigBang (Bias; Taeyang) SHINee (Bias; Minho and Key) UKISS(Bias; Eli and DongHo) Exo (Bias; Baekhyun and Chanyeol) 2NE1 Miss A, FTIsland, Superjunior, F(x), Lee Hi, Ailee, G.Na. IU, Hyuna etc..

I own Fan Club Blogs too.
http://everythingkpop-x -this will give links to other blogs :)

I like online shopping, blogging and dancing ^_^


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Nobody said
Are you and little jay dating? :o
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bethanieeve96 replied
Haha, no :) why'd you ask?

Nobody replied
Lol cause you liked everything on his wall xD

MirUsako said
Thank You for the friend request^.^
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 i like this new feature, haven't been on in a while so.. ohh it's so pretty!!
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