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oh hey its you. ♥
1 others thanked this comment. thank

beul4h replied
yus hello =)

CaptainHepHap replied
hi ~

suvizzz said

Hey! <33

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suvizzz replied
yeah it cuts off my messages too :( Oooh I like Vixx, Infinite, bap and shinee too :) My other faves are ftisland, 2ne1, BTS, big bang, aoa, cnblue... oh well I like pretty much everything hehe :DD Aaaand B1A4 was my first group and I still love them :))

beul4h replied
that's annoying :( ooh awesome! idk how anyone can stop loving b1a4, they're so squishy

beul4h replied
got cut off again! lucky i checked >;[ who's your bias in vixx? :'D and bap !

suvizzz replied
I've noticed that if you make heart (you know, that one character and 3) it cuts it from there :/ Leo and Ken. In BAP... Daehyun!! :) How about u?

beul4h replied
omg that makes so much sense! ooh my bias is ravi and i like daehyun too! daehyun is killing me atm Dx