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epidermis said
obsessed with markiplier, I see (:
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Nobody said
Who is in your siggy right now? 
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boa578 replied
AKB48's Kojima Haruna

Nobody replied
I thought she was familiar, thank you

Rice said
want to make a blog with me and other KPS users?
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boa578 replied

Rice replied
cool, just go to "The Fusion Family" that's our chat thread and pick the one with many comments not the one with none

Rice replied
can you recommend me any J-pop ]idol groups that are young,don't have boring songs and personalities :)

Rice replied
can you reccomend me any jpop idol groups that are young,don't have boring songs and personalities :)

Rice replied
do you have any ideas for the blog name?

littlejay said
will u marry me my black princess?
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boa578 replied

littlejay replied

Melons said
I remember you posted a jpop song and it infused classical japanese instruments. What is it? I tried to find it but can't. OR something like it. It was very upbeat.
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boa578 replied

Melons replied
Thank que~

boa578 said
you have a face book account?

boa578 replied

where do you live?


boa578 replied

debbie_xiumin replied
aw.. i see?

debbie_xiumin replied