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errorsdoc said

How to Factory reset dell laptop windows 7

If you get some problems with your
Dell laptop, such as the computer is crashed and can’t log in usually, you may
need to factory reset Dell laptop windows 7 to fix problems.
How to factory reset Dell laptop
windows 10
with or
without a password? Follow this article and choose the relevant method that
depends on what model on your Dell Inspiron computer, like Windows


to Factory reset dell laptop windows 7


·      Restart your Dell Laptop, and press F8 key over and
again until the Advanced Boot Options menu shows up on the screen.

·      Utilize the arrow key (↓↑) to choose to Repair Your
Computer, and then press Enter.

·      Select a console design on the System Recovery Options
menu, and Tap to Next.

·      Choose your account, fill your password and snap on OK
to proceed.

·      On the off chance that you overlooked the manager
account password, at that point you won't have the option to
Factory reset dell laptop windows 7 production line default.

·      Select Dell Factory Tools or Dell Factory Image Restore
depends upon your Dell laptop configuration.

·      Snap on Next to go on.

·      Check the case alongside "Yes, reformat hard
drive and restore system software to factory condition", and snap on Next,
to start the resetting procedure.

·      Wait for the resetting process, when it is finished,
click on Finish to restart PC.