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Hello Yo I'm New Here, So Uh... Hi

Please introduce yourself to everyone here. It's never too late!
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Post Mar 08, 2018 @ 4:00 am

Aye. I am KPop Demon. I am new to this site, yes, but I am most definitely NOT new to the world of KPop. I joined this site to meet other fans and fangirl over even more adorable kpop guys. My favorite kpop singer is Gackt Camui. I am also a sucker for kpop dramas. I am obsessing over the k drama Boys Over Flowers. I'm totally fangirling over Yoon Ji Hoo. Just look at this image of him!

Anyways, I want to make lots of friends here. I'm 18 years old, and I'm a girl. I don't know if anybody will say hi to me, but I thought I would introduce myself, so hello you peeps! ^w^

Hello. I am KPop Demon. I'm a girl, I am 18 years old, and I joined this site to meet other fans. I also love KPOP Dramas. I have seen a few, so if you want recommendations I guess I can give one. Right now I'm obsessing over Boys Over Flowers. Check it out when you can. As for my favorite KPop singer, that would be Gackt Camui. I want to make lots of friends. I would love to talk, so message me if you want!
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