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Changelog New Features and Bug Fixes

Important announcements from the Kpopselca team!
Post Mar 15, 2014 @ 5:19 pm

[March 15, 2014] - Change of background and font style [update]

Overview: We decided to update our website's background to better contrast our content. We noticed how dull it looks with the light coffee color background and went for a gray patterned background to make our layout pop out more. Along with the background change, we went with a new font style that we feel would make it easier on the eyes for you readers.

Comment(s): Profile walls are next!

Post Mar 15, 2014 @ 8:59 pm

[March 15, 2014] - Increased poll options from 10 to 30 [update]

Overview: After viewing some voting poll threads on here, we decided to increase the poll options from 10 to 30. Hopefully this will be enough for polls that require more options.

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Post Mar 17, 2014 @ 1:52 pm

[March 17, 2014] - Font change [update]

Overview: After reading some of the complaints on this forum about the font being too small or condensed, the admins have decided to change the font for the content within the posts so that it is more legible. The previous font was sharp but we do agree that it can make your eyes squint more than the original font we had before. The previous font will still be used for the rest of the layout.

Comment(s): Thanks for your feedback.

Post Mar 19, 2014 @ 2:36 pm

[March 19, 2014] - Forum topics are now published on our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr [update]

Overview: An update has been made to publish K-pop related forum topics to Kpopselca's Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr as suggested by @Unique. Selcas were only promoted on our SMS pages before but now there is a mix of selcas and forum topics published on our SMS pages each day. We hope this will bring more activity to the forum as there are over 100,000+ followers across our social media channels. We're really satisfied with how the forum topics are showing up on Tumblr and Twitter. For Facebook, there still needs to be some tweaking done since there is an issue of showing the user's signature instead of the content images within the topics.

Here is how it looks like on our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr:

Comment(s): Thank you for all your suggestions and follow us below!

Post Mar 19, 2014 @ 9:50 pm

[March 19, 2014] - Sharing forum thread links on Facebook [bug fix]

Overview: There was a bug that displayed the user's signature image when a forum thread link was shared on Facebook. The image wasn't helpful because it wasn't relevant to what the thread was about. This bug is now fixed. If there is an image in the first post of a thread, it will now show that image on the Facebook post when you share a forum thread link. If the OP does not have an image in their post, it will display the user's signature as an alternative. Furthermore, we have also fixed a description issue when sharing forum threads on Facebook.


Comment(s): None.

Post Mar 24, 2014 @ 10:09 pm

[March 24, 2014] - Hotlinking for selcas, new topic prefixes and removal of post template in Members 411 forum [update]

Overview: Today we have made a few small changes and updates to the site. Visitors can now copy image URL and save selcas from the homepage by right clicking the image. We prevented our visitors from hotlinking in the past because we weren't positive whether our server could handle the amount of requests. These images are quite large and if disbursed across the web on high traffic websites, they may use a great deal of bandwidth. It was a tough decision but by enabling this feature, visitors may start to view this website as the leading source for K-pop selcas and may visit it more frequently. Furthermore, we believe our server can handle the requests since the server was upgraded a few months ago.

We have also added new topic prefixes that were suggested to us a few days ago that we felt may come in handy for threads that have a shock value to them. In the General Discussions forum, we have added the prefixes OMG and WTF. In the Members 411, we have added a Hello topic prefix since quite a few users have mistaken the word Hiatus for Hi.

Lastly, we have decided to remove the post template in Members 411 because it made some users introduce themselves in an unnatural writing style which seem bot-like.

Comment(s): None.

Post Mar 27, 2014 @ 9:59 pm

[March 27, 2014] - Added Share buttons when viewing forum topics [new feature]

Overview: We have decided to add share buttons to the left of the page when viewing topics because of the good results we have seen with users sharing selcas on the home page using the same service. The share buttons we added were Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ but you can also click the + symbol for a list of all the social media sites. There is also a left arrow below the + button to hide all the buttons. We are seeing about 100 content shares and 20 new followers per week for selcas. We hope to see even more shares from our forum topics every week. For mobile and tablet devices the share button will be at the bottom of page.

Comment(s): Thank you for sharing Kpopselca!

Post Apr 07, 2014 @ 12:47 am

[April 7, 2014] - Profile Walls beta has launched! [new feature]

Overview: The beta version of profile walls is now online! Thank you for your patience! It was delayed by a few hours because we ran into a major bug that needed to be fixed.

Profile walls are located at the bottom of the profile page below My Friends section or below the Pending Selcas section. The post editor for profile walls is similar to the private message editor. You can simply copy and paste images into the box. Once you have composed your comment, click the red Post button on the right to publish it.

Major features of profile walls:
-Users can post comments on profiles. To prevent loading issues, there is a 2,000 character limit per comment.
-Users can reply to comments. There is a view more link when more than 5 replies are posted for a comment.
-Users can thank other users comments. At the moment, this doesn't help the # of thanks you receive on the forum. We will attempt to add this later.
-Users can delete their own comments/replies by clicking the x button.
-Users can delete any comments/replies that are left on their own profile wall. If someone is harassing/spamming your profile wall, you can block them from viewing your profile using the block feature that was already available (Block User button).
-Users will receive an alert when a new comment is left on their profile wall or when someone thanks or replies to one of their comments. Clicking the alert will send them to the comment of interest.
-Users who still have "New Alerts" checked under the E-mail notifications in Account Settings will receive an e-mail alert when a user has left a comment on their profile wall. You can disable this in Account Settings but it may have already been disabled by you.
-Users can add images and other neat things when posting a comment however replies are text only.

Here is an example of me (@Hienwa) composing a comment on @Kpopselca's wall. I've written "Hey Kpopselca!" followed by an image.

Once I've clicked the big red Post button and it has been published, my comment will look something like this on @Kpopselca's wall in which he can reply and/or thank my comment:

You can reply using the "write a reply..." box below each comment. You may only thank comments that aren't your own. You can reply to your own comments as much as you like.

The user will receive an alert for each of these actions.

Comment(s): If you find any bugs, please report it to the admins. Thank you!

Post Apr 07, 2014 @ 3:36 pm

[April 7, 2014] - auto-complete menu displaying in top left corner [bug fix]

Overview: After the profile walls were released today, we ran into a problem where the drop down menu of tags/selcas were positioned at the top left corner of page. There was a conflict in one of our .js files that caused this issue and has now been fixed.

Comment(s): None.

Post Apr 07, 2014 @ 9:49 pm

[April 7, 2014] - Profile wall time stamp freezing and apostrophe issue in replies [bug fix]

Overview: We have just fixed a time stamp bug that affected some profile walls. The time stamp of comments and replies would freeze up when a large image was still loading. This is now fixed. We have also fixed an apostrophe issue that @littlejay reported. It was a minor character bug when a user posted a reply with an apostrophe.

Comment(s): We appreciate all your suggestions and feedback for the profile walls. We're listening so keep them coming!

Post Apr 10, 2014 @ 8:12 pm

[April 10, 2014] - New Alert for Replies on Your Profile Wall [update]

Overview: A suggestion was made to send alerts when a user leaves a reply on your profile wall regardless of who created the comment on your wall. This was suggested by @Gyoshido and @PhoenixVFIRE which was a crucial component of the profile walls' alert system that was missing. This new alert will help you know when to check your own profile for new replies. Before this update, you would have to randomly check whether you had a new reply on your profile.

Here is what the new alert looks like:

There are now a total of 4 different alerts for the profile walls:
-When a user leaves a comment on your profile
-When a user replies to one of your comments
-When a user thanks one of your comments
-When a user leaves a reply on your profile (new!)

Comment(s): none.

Post Jun 15, 2014 @ 3:38 pm

[June 15, 2014] - The KPS News platform [new feature]

Overview: For the past few weeks, the admins have been quietly working on a news platform for our website that will help us gain additional readers and more forum engagement! The news platform works a little different from other K-pop news sites and blogs. It retrieves the news directly from the forum so that anyone who is a KPS member can contribute and become a writer for us. We are releasing it now as a beta version and you can visit it using the news tab at the top of the page or by going to: We have replaced the Home tab with the news tab. If you would like to revisit the homepage to rate selcas, you can do so by clicking on our logo at the top left corner of the website. If you have any feedback for us, please let us know here or in the feedback forum.

Anyone can become a writer for us by posting in one of the forums listed below:
Korean Celebrity News
Korean Artists & Groups
K-pop Music
K-drama & TV Shows
K-pop Photos
Fan Creations
Fan Wars

You can also learn more about writing for us at

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Post Jun 26, 2014 @ 4:25 pm

[June 25, 2014] - Page numbers of threads in page titles and Twitter image update [update]

Overview: This week we made two minor changes. We decided to add page numbers to the page titles of forum threads. This will improve the indexing of forum pages on Google.

It used to show the same title no matter what page you were on. e.g. Official VIXX (빅스) Thread | Kpopselca Forums.

Now the page title of threads will include the page number you're on like this: Official VIXX (빅스) Thread - Page 1413 | Kpopselca Forums

We also enhanced the way forum topics are shared on our Twitter page to receive more engagement (retweets, favorites and clicks). Now, Twitter updates will include the first image within the forum topic. If there is no first image, it will display our logo. Before, it would only display title of topic and link which did not garner as much attention as our image tweets did.

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Post Jul 04, 2014 @ 5:40 pm

[July 4, 2014] - Topic refresh/auto bump if no new activity (trial) [new feature]

Overview: To help keep forum discussions going, we've decided to add an auto bump feature to refresh topics on the active topics list. This is only a trial and we'll have to tweak the settings to get the best outcome. If there has not been any forum activity in the past 5 minutes, the auto bump feature will bump 0-3 random topics that have been active in the past two days. This will give users new content to look at when the forum is slow and possibly get users to post more. This will also help keep the forums interesting during odd hours when very few users are online/posting on the forum.

Comment(s): none.

Post Jul 19, 2014 @ 4:00 pm

[July 19, 2014] Web elements empty or flickering - [bug fix]

Overview: Google Chrome users were experiencing a problem with the website where certain elements were flickering or showing up empty. The problem recently started so we believe it was a Google Chrome update that caused this problem. The elements would only show up after placing your mouse over it.

This bug was reported yesterday by @sunggyuluver. It is now fixed! We would have fixed the issue sooner but we did not experience this until today.

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