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Changelog New Features and Bug Fixes

Important announcements from the Kpopselca team!
Post Aug 18, 2014 @ 2:10 pm

[August 18, 2014] - The new post editor for KPS forum is out! [update]

Overview: We have some great news for you all. The new WYSIWYG post editor is now out! We have been working on this feature for quite some time and now it is ready for public testing. We hope that this new editor will make it simpler for new members to share images, audio, videos and format their posts on our forums.

Here is what the new editor looks like in action:

Want to switch back to a bbcode editor? Just click the [BBCODE] button on the right side. This is a great feature to examine and make changes to your media content.

For mobile users, the post editor will look slightly different. The buttons will be listed on the left side rather than above. You can touch and drag up to scroll down the list and view more buttons.

The new editor's quick reply will be available soon! We ran into some problems today so we are postponing the release of the quick editor for another day.

If you find any bugs with this editor, please report them at announcements/the-new-post-editor-for-kps-forum-is-out-t39489/ or PM me. Thank you all for your patience!

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Post Aug 20, 2014 @ 7:27 pm

[August 20, 2014] - New quick reply editor and voting poll bug fixed! [update]

Overview: We just added the new quick reply editor which was supposed to come out at the same time as the new full editor but we ran into some issues. It's now sorted out and ready to use!

Just click the quick reply button at the bottom of the page. It may take a few seconds to see the Quick reply button.

We have also fixed a voting poll bug that was reported by @littlejay. The new editor would show up on an empty page after casting a vote when a voting success notification should be there. This is now fixed. We'll be making some more updates soon so stay tuned!


Post Aug 27, 2014 @ 6:11 pm

[August 27, 2014] - Bigger smilies and YT mobile video fix [update]

Overview: As requested by some users like @supahchams, we've updated the editor so that the smilies are a bit larger than it previously was.

There was also an issue with Youtube videos that used the mobile url: We have now fixed this issue so you can add YT videos to your post using links from mobile devices. If you encounter any other bugs or have suggestions, please let us know!


Post Aug 29, 2014 @ 2:25 pm

[August 29, 2014] - Colored icons, edit signature update and big image fix [update]

Overview: We made some small changes to the new editor today. We've decided to add some color to our editor by making all the media icons colored. Now the Youtube, Dailymotion, soundcloud, viki, vocaroo and vimeo icons are more noticeable.

We've also updated the signature editor so that it uses the new editor:

Lastly, we fixed an issue with adding large images in the editor. If you had pasted a really large image before, it would stretch the editor. We have made it so it doesn't do that anymore and the editor cannot be re-sized. Use the scroll bars to navigate through your post.