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Update Profile Walls beta has launched!

Important announcements from the Kpopselca team!
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Post Apr 10, 2014 @ 8:14 pm

Gyoshido wrote:
Hienwa wrote:
PhoenixVFIRE wrote:@Hienwa, @Kpopselca

I was happy at first, but I've already encountered problems...

(I'm the only person who said needs more work apparently lol)....

1. I didn't get alerts for replies to the comments.
2. In one comment, I said, "Hey ^_^ sajkhsdfklhsadjkfh Kyungri ;;;;;;;;;;; <3." and only "Hey ^_^" appeared.

Soo..... yeah... ://

You will get alerts for replies that are made on your own comments. You won't get any alerts for replies on other users comments.

When another user replies to another person's reply, it will not send an alert because we don't know whether the person is addressing their reply to the original comment poster or the person who last posted or any other user who replied in that comment. We will come up with a better solution to handle this such as adding mentions (@username).

As for #2, I think this might have been server load issue or character problem. We will look into this issue.

Thank you for your feedback.

Can you make it so we just always get a message if its on our profile? I think everyone would read it if its on their profile regardless of if it addresses them.

Thank you Gyoshido and @PhoenixVFIRE for this suggestion. We have added this update today.