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Fanfic Sunbae Watch - A fanfic about Kpop Idols and their fandoms

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Post Feb 10, 2014 @ 6:06 pm

This is my second fanfic (The first was a Starwars fanfic!) and is a spoof of the Russian movie "Night Watch" based around Kpop Fandom. Please don't hesitate to post with your thoughts. It's a rough draft but I hope you all like it.

From the moment Kpop took the world by storm, there have been fandoms among us. Blackjacks, Hottests, B2autys, Sones. The
fandoms were as varied as snowflakes on a winter evening.
Legend tells of a day when the fandoms came together to celebrate their idols at the annual Dream concert. As the fandoms arrived, they saw there was only room for one fandom in front of the stage. No one was willing to give way to the other. And so, a great fanwar began. Fandom fought fandom, Sunbae fought Maknae, friends became enemies. The fanwar was brutal and relentless. While some fans revelled in the chaos, the idols wept.

Looking down at the fanwar, PSY realised the only outcome was for all the fandoms to be wiped out completely. PSY immediately stopped the fanwar. The Idols came together and established a treaty. The Idols agreed that no one can be forced to join a fandom and every fandom has the right to exist.

And so, the idols split their fandoms into two groups. the elder idols organised their fans into the Sunbae watch, to make sure the junior fandoms observed the treaty. The junior idols formed the Maknae watch, to do the same.
A third force, known as the Star chamber, would arbitrate and if necessary, enforce the treaty. In addition, the idols agreed that every 7 years, a fandom would ascend from Maknae to Sunbae. This would ensure the balance would be maintained.
But there is another legend. A legend which tells of a Kpop fan, more powerful than anyone before them, whose coming will change the destiny of Kpop fandom. Once the great fan has been discovered, their choice will alter the balance forever.....

CHAPTER ONE: An unlikely candidate
The festive atmosphere of Dongdaemun market was one of the reason Ryan Perkins flew to Korea on a holiday. Standing at the entrance,
Ryan felt overwhelmed by the food stalls, Noraebangs and clothing stores competing for his attention. Ryan looked at his map with the details of a Kpop store he overheard some tourists gossiping about. Making his way through the crowd, Ryan found himself in front of the store. The store looked inconspicuous compared to the other Kpop stores with their bright lights and loud displays. Standing nearby were three Korean youths wearing various pieces of pink clothing. One had a headband, another wore pink as a jacket and the last one, a young woman wore a pink t-shirt.
Ryan thought nothing of it as he entered the store.
Stepping inside, Ryan felt that something was different about this store. Every product was wrapped in plastic, as if it was a way to make them more valuable than their actual price. After much thought Ryan picked out Girls Generation hooded jumper and a photo book. Making his way to the counter. As Ryan pulled out his wallet, the clerk pointed to his purchases. “You like Girls Generation?” The clerk asked.
“They're cool” Ryan replied, placing his payment on the counter. Ryan couldn’t help but notice uniform the clerk was wearing. It was pick, but a slightly different shade.
The clerk glanced at the money and looked up at Ryan quizzically “You know, what do you think of 2NE1?” pointing to their poster behind the counter.
“They're ok, I guess” Ryan replied.
“Ok? 2NE1 keep releasing better songs and music videos. Many people like her” The clerk excitedly said. “Are you in a rush? Why
don’t you listen to one of their songs?”
“I’m in a rush, mate…” Ryan impatiently said as he went to pick up his purchases.
The clerk stopped him in a polite manner. “How about one song? If you like the song after hearing it you can take your
purchase for free?”
Ryan looked at the clerk suspiciously as he went to the CD player and started playing a song. It was “fire”. Ryan hadn't listened to a lot of 2NE1 but instead feeling annoyed, he felt relaxed. As the song was playing the clerk placed four photo cards on the counter. As if by magic, the photo cards transformed into a minature 2NE1 dancing and singing to the music. The minature 2NE1 were like the ancient sirens, serenading Ryan and teasing him with their movements. Ryan went from feeling relaxed to euphoric as the music hypnotised Ryan under its spell.
Suddenly, Ryan was pulled back and he fell to the ground. Composing himself, Ryan saw the 2 of the youths standing outside run past him and the
third youth, the young woman, holding him up. The clerk reached under the counter and pulled out a 2NE1 glowstick, shooting bolts of energy at his attackers. The youth wearing the headband made a run for the CD player but was pinned down by the clerk's card attack. The jacket wearing youth pulled out a CD single, waving it in a circular motion to create a shield and went to protect his friend.
The clerk was fighting off the pair, protecting the CD. Ryan started feeling sick. The young woman started frisking him. “I’m being robbed!” Ryan panicked, trying to defend himself. The young woman found his ipod and turned it on to “Genie”, thrusting the headphones into his ears. Ryan immediately vomited.
“It’s not working!” the young woman yelled.
In a combined attack, The youth wearing the headband leapt for the CD player plug while the jacket wearing youth charged the clerk, dodging the energy bolts raining around him. In a split second, the clerk was pulled over the counter and restrained. The plug was pulled, abruptly stopping the song with the minature 2NE1 disappearing into thin air.
Ryan still felt off colour as he lay on the floor. By this time, the clerk was picked up and put on a chair. The young woman left Ryan and addressed her friends “Dae Jung, Hyun Jae start filing a report”
“Yes Mi Sun” Dae Jung, the headband wearing youth replied.
Ryan slowly got up, rising to his feet. Meanwhile, Dae Jung and Hyun Jae were pulling out tablets and typing on them.
“Name?” Dae Jung asked the clerk
“Kim Suk Chul” he replied
“Under section 21 and 26 of the treaty, you are being charged with possession of an illegal remix and the use of subversive methods on a Kpop fan.” Dae Jung advised.
“I was only doing my job. Is it a crime to encourage sales?” Suk Chil sarcastically asked.
Ryan wasn't impressed by this comment. Walking towards Suk Chil, Ryan grabbed him by the shirt. To everyone’s shock Ryan pushed Suk chil aside which made him fly through the front window of the store into the street. Even Ryan was bewildered at his new found strength.
“Calm down” Mi Sun asked “We’ll handle him” Mi Sun walked outside, grabbed Suk Chil and sat him back on the chair.
“I wonder if the Star Chamber would support that view?” Hyun Jae commented, clearly enjoying Suk Chil's bad luck.
While this was happening Mi Sun made a call on her cellphone.
“Hello” a voice replied
“We’ve found an illegal remix and apprehended the suspect for questioning by the Star Chamber” Mi Sun reported.
“Download the remix before the Star Chamber arrives” the voice ordered
“Yes. Before you go, we’ve just identified a western Girls Generation fan. What shall we do?” Mi Sun asked.
"What happened?" The voice asked
"I had him listening to Genie and he threw the suspect through a window" answered Mi Sun
“Bring him in” The voiced ordered before ending the conversation. Mi Sun looked at Ryan as she approached him and pulled
out a bottle of energy drink.“This is to regain your strength”.
“As if I needed it” Ryan joked, gulping it down “I want to apologise. I didn’t mean to throw him through a window.....”
Ryan never finished the sentence and passed out quickly.
As Dae Jung and Hyun Jae were completing the last form, Mi Sun made another call.
“It’s Mi Sun. We need a pickup.”

Post Feb 10, 2014 @ 6:11 pm

that sounds like an old chinese legend.

Happy Birthday Shim Changmin!
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