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Se·ka·i (世界) noun 1. the world, society, the universe
2. EXO's flawless maknae couple, Sehun and Kai (see also. Kaihun, Kase)

The two youngest members of EXO have been best buds for pretty much their entire lives. They share common interests such as dancing, bubble tea, and Miranda Kerr as well as a long history, giving depth and durability to their friendship. They laugh together, cry together, share ups and downs, hardships and successes, and fans of this royal pairing are lucky to be able to share all those moments with them.
Straight from the heart and into your Sekai♥

"when sehun is spacing out or is not bothered about what’s going on, you can see jongin trying to disturb him or get a reaction from him. when sehun actually cares, you can see him showing jongin affection even though he’s usually not a touchy person [. . .] they have this whole soulmate thingy going on." - yixingdotjpg

A Closer Look
SHOW bios
Facts and Fanaccounts
SHOW facts and fanaccounts General Fact/Fanaccout Compilation by 94sekai
  1. [trans] SEKAI moment - Younha Starry Night Radio 
  2. Younha : Do you still remember your debut stage? You guys must have too nervous to remember much about it. 

    Kai : We were really nervous and couldn’t remember much about it. The one beside me, Sehun, before going on stage, give me some encouragements. 
    (via: jonghuna tumblr)
  3. "Sehun’s chest is more well developed than Kai’s." (cr: EXO私身大爆料 translation: yixingdotjpg)
  4. "Sehun always want to join Kai to gym but Kai said Sehun is too small for building muscles." (via: chenderellas)
  5. Kai and Sehun went to BoA sunbae’s practice room." (cr: EXO私身大爆料 translation: yixingdotjpg)
  6. "120804 Sehun was helping Kai because he got his back hurt." -source: SMent.EXO 
  7. "Kai gets shy more easily than Sehun." (cr; EXO私生大爆料 via yixingology)
  8. "In private, Kai and Sehun doesn’t use honorifics with Tao." (cr; EXO私生大爆料 via yixingology)
  9. "kai happy because he was older than sehun" lol
  10. "(sekai new year 2013 wish from the face shop) Kai: “To have a healthy and muscular body." Sehun: “To become a beauty with milky skin."
  11.  "Both of sehun and kai is afraid of the heat."
  12. “When Sehun can’t sleep he will sneak into Kai and D.O’s room and sleep with Kai.” (via: chanyeolbutt)
  13. Kai: “when at first i met sehun, he seemed like it would be difficult to approach him but he’s extremely cute. He has a lot of aegyo."
  14. Sehun: “Kai hyung is manly, but he’s actually a very warm-hearted and cute person. also a really talented dancer." 

    *about eachother, kai saying sehun is cute. sehun saying kai is cute kkk~
  15. "Sehun, Kai, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Lay and Suho all share a long friendship." 
  16. "Back in may, Kai went twice at the hospital bc of his back injury. Sehun went with him." (from weibo, source: gorjessKai)
  17. "Manager had scolded Sehun about showing too much eyewhites and Kai biting his nails." (cr: cr;Christine为梦想奋斗, trans: wasabi)
  18. Sehun and Kai did snow fight at MBC Gayo Daejun rehearsal on 121231 (cr: exo_Kahluamilk)
  19.  at SMART Exibhition, KAI wear Shoes that Sehun Bought for him in London 
  20. "Both Kai and Sehun wanted to share the same room but their manager didnt want to let them." (via: gorjessKai)
  21. "Kai and Sehun are actually very close. They were together almost everyday and Sehun’s brother likes Kai the most in EXO." (via: gorjessKai)
  22. Kai: “Just listen to your hyungs ‘cause you’re the maknae, okay? I love you.” then hugs Sehun (on sehun bday)
  23. "Kai and Sehun usually playing with their lips and cheeks before taking selcas." 
  24. [EXO-K’s favorite girl seniors] Suho, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol: SNSD | D.O: f(x) | Kai and Sehun: BoA (cr: exoGlobal)
  25. "Sehun said he envied with the handsomeness of Kai, therefore he didn’t want to call ‘cute maknae’." (via: exorapper)
  26. "Sehun and Kai don’t like to take their bags when they hang out. They always put their stuff into Chanyeol’s bag." (via: chanyeolbutt)
  27. “EXO managers don’t allow Kai, Sehun and Chanyeol to eats a lot because he didn’t want their dancing skills to be bad." (via: xorapper)
  28. "Sehun likes to tease Kai for being timid. Whenever K watches horror films together, Kai will usually be asleep. But Sehun will wake him up on purpose and scare him. As a revenge, Kai will change the computer desktop’s wallpaper to a photo of Sehun rolling his eyes." (cr;Christine为梦想奋斗, via: yixingology)
  29. "Kai & Sehun still not participate in Presidential Election of South Korea, because sekai still underage."
  30. "Kai : Sehun is the youngest of the group and he just tries to get along with all of us." (cr: Swide Magazine)
  31. "The owner of Cofioca said that Sehun didn’t go there for a long time already. In the past, Sehun always went with Luhan. When they went there the other time Sehun was with Luhan and Kai. Sehun helped Luhan to order chocolate and ordered taro for Kai. In the end, Luhan took Kai’s drink instead and Sehun looked a little embarrassed/upset and Kai laughed and touched his (sehun) head." (cr: DC, via: 安孝鹿 @ weibo, source: chanrismatic)
  32. "Sehun: “I, Moonkyu and Kai are very close during trainee. Then we be separated because Moonkyu can’t debut with us.” (via: exorapper)
  33. for smtown singapore, "Kai was sitting together with Sehun on the plane." (cr: captainming)
  34. "Sehun and Kai spotted sitting side by side often on their sunbaenim concert." (suju, shinee, tvxq con.)
  35. "Kai is Sehun’s teacher, 1 lollipop for 1 maths question, help to copy 1 essay and wants him to comment on official board that “Jongin Oppa I love you" There was once where Jongin wasn’t around and Chanyeol taught Sehun instead and ended up teaching wrongly and was punished to do housework for 2 days. Sehun dropped breadcrumbs into Jongin’s shoes but later found the bread crumbs in his own shoes." (cr: @Jong_In at weibo, translate by: ‏@zyixings twittershare via: sehun_kai twitter)
  36. At Sehun bday party, Kai fed a strawberry to Sehun and ate one himself. Kai held out the mic for Sehun while he prepared to do his aegyo. During the lucky draw segment, fans were screaming because Kai was covering Sehun’s eyes from behind. 
  37. "At Sehun bday party, Kai disturbed anyone who disturbed Sehun." 
  38. "Kai told Sehun that they’ve known each other for 4 years, and Sehun is someone Kai is really proud of and they hugged." (on sehun bday party)
  39. "Kai and Sehun buying drinks together in their hotel during SMTown Seoul 120826. Kai bought Juice and Sehun bought Milk. Sehun took his money out and paid it. kai took sehun to find the elevator. while waiting for the elevator, sehun shyly hid behind kai." (via:
  40. Sehun and D.O love to bully Kai the most (because Kai doesn’t lose his temper easily)." (cr: Christine为梦想奋斗 via yixingdotjpg)
  41. Sehun will step on Kai’s feet on purpose if he can’t win him in an argument. There was once he stepped on the shoes Kai’s. Kai pretended to be angry, so Sehun bought a new pair of shoes for him." (cr: Christine为梦想奋斗 via yixingdotjpg)
  42. "Sehun: Both Kai and I, are in charge of dancing in the group. So we spend a lot of time practicing together." (Thailand’s Asian Hero 120809)
  43. Sehun and Kai going shoping together when they were in London. both of them also watching the magic show. also hugging while eating in subway.
  44. "Sehun said Kai is so dark because he likes to eat chocolate. so Kai keep on drinkin milk."  (cr;Christine为梦想奋斗, via: yixingology)
  45. Sehun previously wanted to become a poet. D.O and Baekhyun always say that Kai draws really good, and Kai himself thinks so too. Sehun told Kai that they are only lying to him, and Kai will retort with “at least my drawings are better than your poems  (cr;Christine为梦想奋斗, via: yixingology)
  46. Sehun and Kai would treat Suho very well when they want to eat chicken wings and pig trotters but when they get their food, everything changes completely.  (cr;Christine为梦想奋斗, via: yixingology)
  47. Kai thinks his teeth is whiter than Chanyeol’s and Sehun would retort that it’s because he’s too dark, thus the contrast. Kai would only reply that Sehun is just jealous that his teeth is not as white as his. (cr;Christine为梦想奋斗, via: yixingology)
  48. Sehun’s dream was to be a poet. D.O and Baekhyun always say Kai’s drawing is pretty good, he himself thinks so too; but Sehun would tell him they are lying to you, Kai would reply “it’s still better than your poems.” (cr: cr;Christine为梦想奋斗, trans: wasabi)
  49. "Sehun and Kai would treat Suho really nicely when they wanted to eat chicken and trotters, but would change that attitude immediately after the food arrived." (cr: cr;Christine为梦想奋斗, trans: wasabi)
  50. "Sehun: Kai hyung says i am scary when i pretend to talk to myself and speak to him informally. He says I do it on purpose but we all end up joking about it." (120502 interview at 10asia)
  51. "Kai: My charm is my sexy bronze skin. “Sehun: My charm is my milky white skin. When Kai hyung and I stand next to each other, people call us ‘black and white.’
    Haha. I am not saying this because Kai hyung complimented me earlier but I honestly think he’s really manly." (120502 interview at 10asia)
  52. "Sehun: I and Kai hyung do not gain weight." (120502 interview at 10asia)
  53. Because of cold weather, Kai and Sehun share eachother gloves in one hand. left gloves for Kai and right gloves for Sehun hand. (at New Year Eve 2013)
  54. Sehun attend Kai’s graduation day ceremony to support him
  55. Both Sehun and Kai are birth in 1994 year, and they school at Seoul Of Performing Arts.
  56. Sehun being caring to Kai. at some moment he help Kai fixing his ponytail, fixing kai’s jacket button, fixing kai’s bag chain, and tied the ribbon for him.
  57. Kai often staring deep at Sehun 
  58. Kai often feeding Sehun a food

Polar Light facts

  1. Sehun and Kai are really close. Sehun, Kai and Kyungsoo are really good friends.
  2. During flights, if Sehun and Kai are seated next to each other Sehun will rest his head on Kai’s shoulder but if they are not seated next to each other, Sehun will not do this with other members.
  3. When I asked her about Kaisoo she said “they are always together but there actually isn’t that much interaction with them”
  4. “So Sekai > Kaisoo?” “Yes”
via: EXOGlobal from:

[130217 fanacc] bubbletea halmoni’s sekai story
so I was getting my bubble tea fix at Cofioca over the weekend, and things finally quieted down at the little shop for us to ask halmoni why Sehun’s autograph isn’t up anywhere. On one wall, there’s Luhan, Tao and Yixing’s autographs, but no Sehun. She told us the story of the last time he was there (she absolutely adores him btw).

The last time he was there he was with Jongin, and there was just a bunch of fans too. The place is really really small, and fans were crowding them, asking for their autographs. Halmoni started to laugh and said to Sehun, “Sehun, at least give halmoni an autograph." And then she imitated his reaction which was sooooo adorable.

He covered his mouth cuz he was laughing and shook his head and kinda stomped his feet. He said, “Halmoni, sorry, there’s too many people we have to go~"

Jongin was squeezing his way out the door and he called back to halmoni that they’ll be back soon. Then he yells, “Sehun-ah, hurry up lets go!" And Sehun kinda wobbled (she did an imitation of that too) over to Jongin and they walked out the door with Sehun holding onto Jongin’s arm cuz the fans were still pushing at them


  1. Sehun was cutting the cake when Kai smudged Sehun’s face with a bit of cream.
  2. There were two birthday hats w/ rubber bands Kyungsoo put both of them on Sehun, In the end, that other hat went over to Kai and he wore it.
  3. Kai introducing him self as 'half African-American'. That ridiculous rumor spread to the internet. (◡‿◡✿) lol
  4. Kai: “Sehun-ah, so it’s been 4 years since you and I got to know each other” “So what do you want to have [for your birthday]?”
  5.  Kai: “Just listen to your hyungs ‘cause you’re the maknae, okay? I love you.” -hugs Sehun- ;AAA;
  6. Because Sehun was all reluctant to do it alone, the fans chants for all the members to do aegyo got louder. Kai started nudging/shoving Sehun
  7. Kai's whole stance was like, “Hurry up!! Because you’re stalling, they’re trying to get me to do aegyo too!! Oh Sehun, hurry up and do it!!”
  8. Kai held out the mic for Sehun while he prepared to do his aegyo~ Sehun held up his two fists to his face, he shyly said ”Bbuing bbuing~”
  9. Kai, on the other hand, couldn’t stand Sehun’s aegyo, saying it was too corny. He started punching a balloon in the corner and in the end, he punched it so hard that the string fell apart & the balloon floated all the way to the ceiling~
  10. Kai fed a strawberry to Sehun and ate one himself
  11. Fans wanted D.O to hug Sehun after his message to Sehun but Kai pulled Sehun off D.O.
  12. Kai wanted to apply the cake’s cream on Sehun’s face but he ducked.
  13. Kai told Sehun that they’ve known each other for 4 years, and Sehun is someone Kai is really proud of and they hugged.
  14. at the bday party, Kai disturbed anyone who disturbed Sehun
  15. Kai had his arms around Sehun, both of them had party hats on and Kai was hugging the cake really tightly.
  16. Sehun did aegyo so Baekhyun side eyed him and Kai side eyed Baekhyun back
  17. Fans asked Sehun to bbuing bbuing. Kai helped Sehun to hold the mic and he did the aegyo. ;A
  18. During the lucky draw segment, fans were screaming because Kai was covering Sehun’s eyes from behind.

source: 94Sekai

  1. Kai and Sehun danced “hoot” and “gee"  (cr: 眠 夏夏)
  2. when jongin was giving his bday message for sehun he said, ‘uh… happy birthday…’ and counted to three with his fingers. sehun said ‘i get it’ and laughed then they hugged. because they didn’t say a lot and the two just laughed then hugged each other jongdae asked them, ‘is there something going on between you two? is it a secret?’ (cr: JDNR47 , trans: _fanxing)
  3. There was a talk about clothes and Sehun and Kai said today we have a couple look : We didn’t decide to do this but then when we out we were wearing similar pants, cap, blue denim jacket, white T-shirt. (cr:parkchanppe , trans: dh3gns0412)
  4. They often have yaja time in their dorm, Sehun calls Jongdae ‘Jongda~’ and Jongin, SON (cr: DO_Qoo0112, trans: dh3gns0412
  5. kai wore a crown when he first entered but as he greet fans, it dropped so he placed it on the chair
  6. Sehun said D.O was the first to wish him happy birthday, at 12:01am but Kai said that he wished him too at the same time! (trans: minybaek)
  7. Jongdae suffered 멘봉 twice cos when Sehun reached the dorm he shouted "쫑따이~" (jjong-dda-ee) and Kai shouted "아들!~" (KIDS!) trans: minybaek
  8. sehun kept on talking to junmyeon in banmal. jongin got excited and kept on telling jongdae, ‘son sit down’, ‘son you’re too noisy’, ‘son are you speaking in banmal?’ sehun would say, ‘you’re too noisy, hyung is talking!’ when the other members would start speaking simultaneously. jongin and jongdae were to pick the next question and during that time sehun was fully enjoying the yaja time. he said, ‘yah yah keep quiet,’ then he asked kris, ‘but why is kris not speaking?’ kris replied, ‘no hyung, i’m listening.’ jongdae picked a question but sehun said, ‘zhongda, wait.’ jongdae said, ‘yes, yes.’ and he looked pathetic.  (cr: JDNR47 , trans: _fanxing)
  9. Sehun dragged kai to dance together. (via: Della_YoonJiKry3mKai said because it is Sehun’s birthday, they wore couple outifts (blue denim shirt, black pants, hat, white T-shirt). 

    (cr: 卑鄙BAbe被逼哔哔bb, trans: exonyeoshidae)
  10. Sehun & Kai then chanted “1 day 2 days 3 days!" and hi-fived before shouting “94!!" ㅠㅅㅠ (trans: minybaek)
  11. When Jongdae said if 94ers danced they’ll give them 5mins more of age-reversal, Sehun & Kai stood up immediately. (trans: minybaek)
  12. Sekai were thinking what song to dance to, Kai danced abit to it Gee and Kris said “we’d have to give you 6mins instead" (trans: minybaek)
  13. Kris said that if Sekai danced Kara’s butt dance they’ll get 10mins more of Age-reversal (trans: minybaek)
  14. Because Sehun and Kai ended up doing girl group dance instead of sexy dance they were only given 1 more minute of Age-reversal. They asked Kris for another chance to get more age-reversal time and Jongdae was like: I don’t think you two can sleep tonight. (trans: minybaek)
  15. After Kai drank water out of a bottle, Sehun asked Kai for the bottle, wanting to drink some water too. Cr: 鹿晗真爱团
  16. during the age reversal game, sehun had the time of his life, kai too, using so much in-formalities.. in the end when it ended, sehun kneel before suho while kai kept his “i’m still older” look. (cr. trans: xiches)
  17. the question picked was ‘what do you want to do if you become a leader?’ sehun was trying to assess his hyungs’ expressions and started with, ‘uh… i’ll gather the members and…’ he was still looking at his hyungs so junmyeon asked, ‘what?’ sehun just moved his lips to say ‘i’ll scold… scold…’ without making a sound. either jongin or jongdae suggested ‘you’ll punish us?’ and sehun replied, ‘yeah!! that!!’ (cr: JDNR47 , trans: _fanxing)
  18. jongin laughed after that and revealed that sehun actually regularly pretends to be the leader. before they go on stage, sehun will lead them to do the saranghaja/hwaiting cheer. he’ll shout, ‘exo!!! gather up!!!’ and wave his hand around to call them. also when they’re on standby he’ll say things like, ‘let’s do it while having fun!’ all by himself. one time he even said that when the mic was turned on and the members all went OTL. (cr: JDNR47 , trans: _fanxing)
  19. sehun picked a mission and jongin said, ‘this is the only moment i’ve been waiting for.’ sehun showed the paper he was holding and it was ‘yaja time’. only the 94’ers were excited. sehun sat down and called out, ‘hey junmyeon? suho?’ in banmal. jongin laughed and patted sehun, telling him, ‘it hasn’t started yet, calm down.’ (cr: JDNR47 , trans: _fanxing)
  20. before jongin threw the dice to decide who gets to do the girl group dance punishment he asked, ‘once i throw this yaja time ends right?’ so sehun told him, ‘do it slowly. drink some water before doing it.’ jongin said vitamin water’s good and drank some. sehun got the bottle from him and said, ‘look at hyung drink then throw it.’ then he drank two gulps. jongin faked throwing the dice so jongdae slapped it away. at the exact same time sehun got up and kneeled in front of junmyeon (cr: JDNR47 , trans:_fanxing)
  21. the target for the girl group dance then changed to jongin. he said they should ask chencing machine to do it. the two then looked at each other than said, ‘sehunie sehunie.’ jongin shouted ‘sehun’ and jongdae said, ‘that’s right, this is how it should be.’ and he seemed satisfied.

    sehun said he wouldn’t do it so jongdae told him, ‘if you do it i’ll give you 5 more mins of yaja time.’ sehun really shot out of his seat and went up front. but he knew no girl group dances so he asked for help from dancing machine kai.

    jongin taught him hoot’s dance steps while sitting down and jongdae said, ‘if you dance it with him i’ll give you 6 more minutes of yaja time.’ so jongin went up front as well. junmyeon asked, ‘why are you agreeing on these things by yourselves without our opinion?’ (cr: JDNR47 , trans:_fanxing)

I'm going to add in a photo of the couple outfits they wore cause it's too great, lol.

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Thread also doesn't exist because Sekai doesn't exist

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minkwon2 wrote:Thread also doesn't exist because Sekai doesn't exist

Sekai is the world, dude.

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minkwon2 wrote:Thread also doesn't exist because Sekai doesn't exist

Sekai is the world, dude.

Narnia maybe.

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huhlo wrote:
minkwon2 wrote:Thread also doesn't exist because Sekai doesn't exist

Sekai is the world, dude.

Narnia maybe.

like literally
Even kanji for them bro

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minkwon2 wrote:Thread also doesn't exist because Sekai doesn't exist

I agree 100000000000000000000000000%

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It's too late to suck up.

Anyone who denies is living in a fantasy.

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Anyone who denies is living in a fantasy.

There's actually an error, though, I made this thread like two weeks ago.

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huhlo wrote:There's actually an error, though, I made this thread like two weeks ago.

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huhlo wrote:There's actually an error, though, I made this thread like two weeks ago.

Now you think I'm stupid too?


That's such a dirty reference :o

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huhlo wrote:That's such a dirty reference :o

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huhlo wrote:That's such a dirty reference :o

*^^* I feel violated.

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huhlo wrote: *^^* I feel violated.


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huhlo wrote: *^^* I feel violated.