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What makes you stan who you stan?

Spazz about your kpop biases here!
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Post Dec 07, 2015 @ 8:33 pm

In the groups that you stan or just enjoy, why did you pick a particular bias? 
Most handsome? Best Vocal? Best at variety? Underrated and you like underdogs? 

As for me, for girl groups, I always start up looking at the tallest one, usually the one that looks like the unnie or the leader (even if she's not). I like the motherly/big sister type.

Then once I get into the group more, it's always gonna be the funniest one that I'll watch.

Then once Ihave liked the group for a while or if I never stanned the group as much but just kinda followed them, usually the vocals.

For boy groups, it really depends. At first it's the funny one, but then I start liking the quiet, the small type, or the power vocal 
Exo: [Kris (quiet)], DO (small quiet, small, vocal), Xiumin (quiet)
Block B: Taeil (quiet, small, vocal)
VIXX: Leo (quiet, vocal)
BAP: Daehyun (he had a shy and quiet concept when they first came on, then he turned out to much more expressive, vocal), Yongguk (sorta quiet)
BTS: none of them really qualify as quiet but my bias is Suga, go figure 

what about you?

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Post Dec 09, 2015 @ 3:30 pm

Usually I pick people because I like their voices. Since I can't tell everyone apart when I first see them, and I can't tell who sings what (sometimes you see people in the vid while the other person sings, you know) so I tend to be drawn to vocals. But not always necessarily the best vocals,  I tend to be drawn to interesting voices. 

For example, my friend introduced me to kpop and one of the first videos she showed me was SS501's Love Like This. In the video I loved Young Saeng's voice because it was so special and different, and I also immediately loved his looks (I think he's super handsome) so for them, it was, and has always been, youngsaeng because he just interested me the most in the video. He had interesting expressions and his voice is angelic. It's one of those voices you recognize anywhere. 

In SHINee I switched a lot between biases. First it was Taemin for the babyface and the fact he's the same age as me. Then I loved Minho because he's the underdog lol and also, he has just a handsome face and his low voice is super sexy. Then I siwtched to Jonghyun because he has a very interesting and great voice. Then back to Minho then I switched between Key and Onew because of the varieties I watched back then (no longer into variety shows) and then switched back to Minho. Right now it's a tie between Minho and Jonghyun because I like their voices a lot, and they're so different from each other. 

In 2NE1 it's CL because of her stage presence, and her powerful voice. It's also one of those voices you will pick out of a lineup any day. 

-funny thing is, all my biases have extremely different voices. Youngsaeng's is very high and angelic, Minho's is low and sexy and Jonghyun's is so interesting and fresh. CL's is very nasal and powerful. They all sounds super different, and they all have a different role in their group: Youngsaeng is main vocalist, Jonghyun is main Vocalist, CL is leader and lead vocal and main rapper while Minho is the main or lead rapper (not sure anymore lol).- 

I also have groups that I like without knowing who all the members are and without having a favorite member or voice, like T-ara and NU'EST. 

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Post Dec 25, 2015 @ 8:30 pm

Most often it's either lovely vocals:
Taeyeon, Jungkook, Eunji

Dorky,cute and unique personalities: 
Seulgi, V, Onew

Or just stunning, outstanding visuals (because I find 95% of idols good-looking):
Myungsoo, Irene

These are the things that draw me in at first but if I don't like their personalities I'll lose interest. And most of my biases are a combo of many things that I like even though I maybe have one or two characteristic I like them the most for. Like I love Taeyeon's soft and emotional vocals but I also like her dorkiness and she's really cute and pretty as well. But it was her vocals that first made me pay more attention to her~

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