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Why A Biker Jacket Will Always Be In Vogue

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Post May 17, 2018 @ 9:45 pm

Occasionally there comes an item that unites the Vogue team in its ubiquity - the furry Gucci loafers that at least five staffers regularly sport, say, or the Marques'Almeida T-shirt dress that five more (plus Justin Bieber) are smitten with.
The leather biker jacket, however, smashes all of its competitors. In a straw poll of the Vogue office, 26 members of staff admitted to owning a version of the style, which first appeared in the magazine in 1979, photographed by Eric Boman. It's been a perennial on the page, as the gallery below attests. No wonder our January cover girl Gigi Hadid is in a biker this month. willie g reflective leather jacket

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