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Post Apr 01, 2018 @ 11:50 pm

VANCOUVER TAXES ARE RIDICULOUS VANCOUVER TAXES ARE RIDICILOUS.. yup that's not right.IN OTHER NEWSSHOW cctv I'd rather live in the woods of Manitoba and see a bunch of piled up,... chicken with just the torso where's the rest? *shrug* it's normalcy here.. oh.'.. mhmm that is just normal here. Right. That's why you move forward... i am only forward -- since it's a toyota, why you do that? iDNO iELTS. Eskimos they are fake. Bigfoot .. it was scared.. did anyone even watch ... it was disengaging slowly like yup.. that's a human.. you're losing sight of me.. then it probably ran and died. Fell off a cliff. So interested... has a camera... not a step forward. LOOKIT okay,--- it's backing away... i think that's a nonverbal for scaredy cat, chase it... slam the camera on its head if it turns aggressive... whats the gain in STILL MODE. Nothing.. cause that's probably a cats in broadway.. look same in fabric and walk same.. iELTS ! Yup.. gonna borrow this word if you don't mind.. here have arwooo... IELTS ONLINE.. this is the game thats played in 2018. There's tails over there, there's policia over there, there's canada and their exhaust blasting weed smoke over there, and there's france gift over there.. the gift of liberty.. they couldn't say no.. *** was too big!! What a taunt maneuver... that's a big disrespect .. like HERE HAVE THIS >... TAKES UP A *** TON OF SPACE... HAVE FUN and off they went. Jerks.. take it back.. it's all swampy and ****  .. wonder how much tax dollars it cost the upkeep!!! It's all france fault f u monsieur petit keep saying cava... stfu !! SHut up 'cava' shut up!! Nice land .. what happened... it deflate from BIG to napoleon size small. That's what happens when u height abuse like he did.. tall  grass warrior... mhm take all the advantages ... try that now... cmon bring it on!! Manifest yourself ... oh ya.... 4'1 ... too small look like diglet.. lose to snake charmers prob... **** 

Post Apr 02, 2018 @ 12:01 am

PRETTY SURE I REPLIED WITH SOMETHING BUT NOW ITS GONE... i see ... mhm... yup. It's just human error. It's just the sun.. how can you blame a yellow man when theres the sun and theres your lighting is n't that a bit yellowish.. what about your food.. oh i see yellow.. sunny side juice is actually yellow.. gold is yellow they just made it look raspy iuno why tho.. yeahl... so how can u say i did this and that .. go look at the sun and tell me again what i did.. yeah.. thank you. 

Post Apr 02, 2018 @ 12:07 am

WHAT HISTORY MONTH.. history channel is even coloured oh.. it's yellow coloured... what do you know.. then theres dark matter... yeah get your real matter .. ask for compensation or something they tried to win wong you with the bloody mary x 3 ... you gonna take that... you gonna let that slide? mhm..  yeah who's the LEE of the south. Who the *** imported that guy.  

Post Jul 31, 2018 @ 10:14 pm

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