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Post Mar 23, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

When you access the AOLemail on Apple operating system, you can easily reset the password or change it
as per your need. There can be various reasons due to which an individual needs
to change the password. It could be that the account details were compromised
or hacked. The user has forgotten the password. You can have a look at the
following steps if you change it on yourApple devices such as iPhone, iPad oriPod. If you find any difficulty in the steps then you can contact the aol tech support and availtheir expert opinion.
·        Go to the settings ofyour apple device mail app.
·        No move to the option ofa password.
·        You can see a link, selectthat to change the password
·        You can enter a newpassword and then re-enter it for confirmation
·        Once done, click on okayand save the necessary changes.
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