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Post Mar 23, 2019 @ 3:00 pm

Are your favourite videos suddenly taking ages to load? Do you find yourself constantly refreshing web pages because the content is not properly visible? Is it taking forever to sign in to your AOL account? Well, then there could be a problem with your AOL dial-up internet connection. Luckily help is just a short phone call away. Call the AOL customer support number today and get your connection back online in no time. A team of trained professionals is available 24 hours a day to deliver quality customer service anytime you need it.

While regularly using AOL mail, it would be efficient for the users to have their contacts on the mail service itself. It would efficiently aid them in their daily process. Importing contacts to AOL mail isn’t a very difficult task and can be done effortlessly. The process to be followed for importing contacts are as follows:
help aol com
• Sign in to your AOL mail account
• On the panel on your left, you would be able to find the option of contacts
• Above the contact list, you would be able to find the option of tools
• Find the option for Import and click on it
• You would then be displayed a prompt to locate CVS file on your system
• Further, locate the file on your system and choose the import it
The process of importing contacts would take a few minutes and after it has been imported you would be able to access them all on the contacts menu on AOL email. If you come across any kind to issue, swiftly connect with the aol help number where you can attain professional guidance on this query.

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