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Firefox 59 can’t open Adobe Acrobat Reader Properly. What to do?

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Post Mar 16, 2019 @ 7:30 pm

If Firefox 59 is not able to open Adobe Acrobat Reader properly oris opening it in the broken state thenyou need to do the following fixture:

·        Open the task manager by pressing the Alt + Ctrl+ Del keys ofthe keyboard together
·        Now you need to go toProcess tab which is present at the top only and then you need to close all the
programs that are running
·        You can also try torestart your computer and then you should try opening the Firefox again and
must check whether Adobe Acrobat Reader is opening

If it is not opening then just communicate with mavens by dialing Adobe acrobat reader contact number. Because the professionals knowhow to resolve the issue from the core itself.
Read more here -  acrobat reader support

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