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I think i saw an asian pedo today

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Post Sep 22, 2014 @ 3:55 pm

Asian man in his 50s wearing a baseball cap slightly turned to the right.

He had a beer belly but he was wearing hipster clothing to cover it. Why would anyone who is 50 dress like that unless they are trying to fool some young girls into thinking he's 16-17 years old. He had jeans on, plaid shirt, black t-shirt and a baseball cap. He was trying really hard to look cool by wearing his cap to the side but no one even does that anymore.

I swear he looked ridiculous. It is not what asian men in their 50s usually wear. He was just walking around the grocery store and following young women around. The sad thing is that some white teenage girls probably think he's a teenager but he can't fool me. I'm asian and I know how old he is just by looking at him. It was disgusting and embarrassing to see him do that. I even whispered to myself, "WTF is he doing looking like that?" but I was in my car.

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