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Nobody wrote:
huhlo wrote:Turtle sex with penguins.
SHOW NC17 He was lying on his back, eyes closed and panting as she had her way with him. She licked his cock from the base to the tip and then back down again, occasionally taking the head in her mouth and sucking. She played with the slit before engulfing him whole and deep-throated him. When she sensed he was about to come she abruptly pulled back and straddled him.

“Watch.” She whispered in his ear.

He opened his eyes and watched as she guided his cock to her entrance. He watched himself disappear inside her slowly, one agonizing inch at a time. They both moaned once he was fully seated inside her. She gyrated her hips, rubbing her clit against his abs and squeezing him inside. She squeezed him inside once more before she bent down to kiss and lick his nipples, occasionally biting them.

He was panting harshly now. He attempted to thrust up into her, but she held him down, not allowing him to move at all as she continued to torment his nipples.

“Please…(pant) please…(pant)” He begged, if she didn’t move soon he was going to die. He reached out to grab hold of her waist, but she swatted his hands away.

“If you want to anchor yourself for the ride, hold onto the headboard now.” She told him, watching him with a lustful expression.

Once he complied, she placed her arms on either side of his head and began thrusting up and down slowly. Loosening her inner muscle as she went up, then tightening them when she went down.

“Uh, uh, uh…” He panted.

“You know, you look so hot right now.” She told him, watching him come apart for her.

She bent down to give him a hot open-mouth kiss with lots of tongue and fluids being passed.

When he felt himself nearing the edge he thrust up into her and continued thrusting when she didn’t protest. He thrust harder and faster with her matching him thrust for thrust.

When she felt him and herself being so near to coming she broke their kiss and sat up, replacing her hands on his thighs for better leverage. With the new angle, his cock was able to hit her special spot and she screamed in pleasure. Their movements were getting more frantic as they neared their peak. After a few more thrusts, they cried out their orgasms.

Pant. Pant. Pant. Changmin looked at himself in the mirror of his private bathroom inside his office. He was sweating from his activity. He looked at his come covered hand and shook his head in disgust to himself. He really should be ashamed of himself, fantasizing about her like that.

“Fuck. I still have work to do.” But damn it, I can’t stop thinking about her. Get a grip of yourself Shim Changmin. He shook his head again and proceeded to wash his hand, and then he picked up a rag so he could clean the stains out of the floor.

He put his pants back on when he was done. He freshened himself up and, when he was satisfied he looked presentable, got out of his private bathroom and bedroom and walked over to his desk. He buzzed his secretary.

“What’s my 2 o’clock?” He asked.

“You’ve got a conference sir.” She answered.

“Alright, let me know when it’s fifteen minutes before the time.”

“Yes sir.”

And time flew by, Changmin was able to concentrate on his work, since there was a lot of it, until…

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Come in.” He called out. “Is it time?” He asked, fully expecting the person who came in to be his secretary.

“Time for what?”

He froze and his cock twitched as he realized it was not his secretary. When he looked up and she smiled at him, his cock responded in record speed.


“Are you alright Shim-kun?”

He stared at her. Morisato Chiharu, eldest daughter of Morisato Keiichi, owner of Morisato Inc., and daughter of his BOSS; which meant, she was off limits. But, damn it, his cock never listens and is making other demands.

“Shim-kun…” She called again, waving her hand in front of him.

When reality reasserted itself in his mind, he found her leaning on his desk toward him. She was showing cleavage, lots of cleavage, since she was wearing a plunging neckline blouse – a total deviation to the conservative blouses she usually wore – and it was not helping to alleviate his rising body temperature.

He cleared his throat. “Um, yeah, I’m fine.”


“Uh yeah, so what’s up?”

He breathed out a sigh of relief when she stood back up and away from him.

“Daddy wanted me to give you the reports I was making so you could check if I did things right. I was planning to give them to you later, but since I was already done I decided to drop them off now.


“Mr. Shim, it’s already quarter to two.” His secretary informed him through the intercom.

“Oh, right.”

“Meeting?” Chiharu asked.

“Yup.” He replied. He then pressed the intercom for his secretary and thanked her for reminding him.

“Let’s go together, since I’m going to be joining.” Chiharu said.

“Oh, um, okay.”

“I’ll just wait for you outside.” Was all she said before getting out of his office, grabbing a jacket from the chair across his desk. It was apparently a part of her attire—which she shed off so she can expose her cleavage.

Outside Chiharu was giddy inside, feeling excited at the reaction she elicited from him. She always saw him looking at her but he never did make a move. So, fed up with it, she decided to make the move.

Iyosh. Operation get Changmin part two coming up.

When she heard a door close behind her, she spun around and faced him with a big smile as she asked him, “Ready?”


Changmin stood there a bit stunned as he looked his fill of her. She was wearing jeans again, understandable since she was doing field work. But something was different this time. Her jeans fit more nicely on her, outlining her shapely legs, and the jacket she wore, which she zipped-up all the way to the neckline, couldn’t hide her curves.

He swallowed as he felt his mouth starting to water when his thoughts threatened to go to erotic places which he did not wish it to go again while facing Chiharu.

“Um, yeah, I’m ready. Let’s go.”

“’Kay.” She said, turning away from him to walk ahead of him, and giving him a nice view of her ass. She smiled when she heard him gulp behind her.

Both of them turned to business mode once they entered the conference room. The meeting went on for about 2 hours. Those two hours were the longest two hours in Changmin’s life. He didn’t know if she was doing it on purpose or he was just horny, but every move she made provoked him. When she flipped her hair, when she traced her lips with her pen when the current speaker would say something interesting, and when her feet would sometimes accidentally brush against his inner thighs.

Accidentally brush?

He looked at her. It was known that her legs couldn’t stay still whether she was sitting or not, so it could be accidental.

It must be, she’s showing no outward indication that she’s brushing my leg on purpose.

Across Changmin, Chiharu was having a bit of difficulty keeping a straight face. If the subject of the meeting wasn’t so interesting and crucial, the others present would definitely notice that something was bothering Changmin.

“I’m going out first dad.” Chiharu told her father when the meeting was over.

“Sure. See you later.” Mr. Morisato responded.

“Bye.” And then she was out.

Changmin mentally released a sigh of relief when she was out of sight, he was barely able to concentrate with anything when she was around, when his little friend was making other demands.

His secretary was noticeably missing from her desk when he entered the receiving area to his office, but then he recalled that 4 o’clock was usually the time his secretary took her fifteen minute break. He sighed out loud as he looked at the bulge in his pants, he was going to have to do something about it or else he won’t be able to concentrate on work.

He loosened his tie a bit to relieve some of the heat he was feeling as he entered his office. He was removing his jacket as he made his way to the door leading to his private bedroom. His jacket was off and he was holding on to the doorknob to his bedroom when he got the nagging feeling of being watched.

He turned in the direction of his desk and saw HER. Chiharu was calmly sitting on his desk cross-legged and watching him. Her jacket was zipped open which revealed the provocative black sleeveless-blouse underneath. His mouth went dry. She crooked a finger at him to come closer, and his feet were willing to follow that order.

He was already in front of her when he snapped back to his senses.

“What are you doing here?” He asked her sharply.

She looked startled at his tone, but recovered quickly.

He’s just agitated. If the bulge in his pants is anything to go by, oh well, I’m already here. Aja Aja hwaiting.

Chiharu grabbed his tie and pulled him down to her, crushing their lips together and kissing him senseless.

Changmin was stunned, eyes wide as the reality of what was happening sunk into his befuddled mind.

She’s kissing me! No, fucking way! His mind screamed at him. He was about to kiss her back when he remembered just who she was.

When she felt him trying to break the kiss, she nudged his chin down with her free hand and plunged her tongue into his mouth.

His world went a little gray around the edges at the feel of her tongue exploring his mouth and teasing his tongue to join in the fun. He tried to fight for control, but it was quickly slipping from his grasp. He finally lost it when she covered his erection with her hand and rubbed. He quickly took control of the kiss. Pushing her hands away, he cupped her ass and pulled her to the edge of his table.

She gasped in surprised delight when he spread her legs and placed his erection against her core. He grinded into her, rubbing against her, pleasing both of them through their clothing; little mewls of pleasure were coming from her throat. She wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust up against him. Their tongues dueled with each other, fighting to dominate the kiss. His hand found its way up to her breast and squeezed it three times before contenting himself to just rubbing her nipple with his thumb.

Changmin broke contact with her lips and traced kisses from her mouth to her jaw line, and finally settling on sucking and licking her neck. Chiharu, on the other hand, had just unbuckled his belt and opened his fly; slipping her hands into pants and cupping him through his boxers.

“Fucking tease.” Changmin huffed.

Chiharu just giggled in response.

“Mr. Shim, Mr. Morisato is coming in to see you.” His secretary suddenly informed him through the intercom.

Changmin and Chiharu stopped all movement and stared at each other for a while.

“Fuck!” They whispered in unison. They quickly scrambled off the desk.

Chiharu hid under his table, and Changmin was just able to sit down and make himself look busy before the door opened to admit Mr. Morisato inside.


“Sir.” Changmin attempted to stand up and greet his boss properly but Chiharu tugged at his pants under the table to remind him that his fly was open.

It was a good thing that when his boss noticed his attempt too, he waved it off and told Changmin, “No need to stand up Changmin-san. I see you have a lot to do so I won’t take up too much of your time. I just need to discuss a few things about our upcoming project. There are some things that concern me, and I want to ask for your opinion before Mr. Yamasaki’s presentation tomorrow.”

“Sure sir, no problem.” Changmin replied.

Under the table, Chiharu rolled her eyes. She knew she was going to get bored hiding there. Her father’s short visits like this one was never short. After 20 minutes of hiding and listening to some details of the project, she got bored. She would have found the discussion interesting if she could also voice her opinions, but that was out of the question in this situation.

She looked over to Changmin. His boxers were peeking out of his open fly, his erection still very obvious. And that’s when…

Eureka! Hehe, let’s test how good Changmin’s poker face is in front of dad.

She settled herself more comfortably under Changmin’s table and between his thighs, then very lightly she stroked his cock. Changmin, gave a little gasp and a jump of surprise at her touch.

“Is something wrong Changmin?” Mr. Morisato asked.

“Um nothing sir, I just remembered that I have to call a friend of mine to confirm that I’ll be joining our little get together tonight. He gets antsy if I don’t confirm ahead of time, but it can wait after were done sir.”

“Okay, that’s good to hear. Now, as I was saying…”

Chiharu covered her mouth to stifle her laughter. She caught a peek of Changmin’s slightly flustered face. When she stroked his cock again, she smiled when the only indication that he felt it was the slight twitch of his cock and the slight movement of his legs.

When she got bored of simply stroking him, she placed a quick kiss on his cock before pulling down the front of his boxers, just enough for his cock to spring free. It was big and hard, with pre-come dripping from it. She gave a startled little squeak when he suddenly grabbed her hand that was about to stroke his unclothed cock, but was able to recover fast. She used her other hand instead, the contact causing him to drop some of his papers to the floor.

“Changmin?” Mr. Morisato called.

“Uh, sorry sir, I accidentally brush against some of my papers as I was reaching for my cup.” Changmin explained, indicating the cup located near the papers that fell. “Just a moment sir.” He said as he leaned down to collect the papers, and giving Chiharu a warning glare, to which she just gave him an innocent look, before resurfacing.

What is her game? As Mr. Morisato continued to ramble on, Changmin couldn’t help but wish him away. One would be honored to have a talk with the man behind the success of the company, but right now he didn’t particularly care especially with said man’s daughter was playing with his cock and torturing him under the table. He grabbed his cup and almost dropped it when he felt her wrap her fingers around his cock and then giving the head of it a lick.

Under the table Chiharu was enjoying herself by tracing with her fingers the veins that were visibly bulging from his cock. She then exchanged her fingers with tongue, tracing every vein before taking the head of his cock in her mouth and sucking on it.

Changmin’s thighs tensed when he felt her sucking on him. Fuck it! She’s driving me crazy. Damn it feels so good.

She licked his slit and just as Changmin took a sip from his cup, she took all of him in her mouth in one go. He gasped in surprise and ended up choking on his drink.

“Are you okay?” Mr. Morisato asked.

“Fine sir.” Changmin answered and continued coughing to relieve himself.

Now, Mr. Morisato considers Changmin like his own son and started to stand up to do what he usually does when one of his children would cough, which is to give their backs a soothing rub. To do this, he has to stand next to Changmin.

When Changmin saw Mr. Morisato stand up, he also realized what his boss intended to do, and panicked.

“Really sir, I’m fine.” Changmin told and almost begged his body to cooperate with him; his body wouldn’t listen to him.

Mr. Morisato ignored what Changmin said and went to stand beside him. Changmin immediately, but subtly, pushed the lower half of his body further into his desk and then leaned his upper body towards his desk.

It was a good thing that Mr. Morisato didn’t look down, but concentrated on rubbing Changmin’s back.

Inside, Changmin was struggling not only with the coughing and the feeling of panic creeping up his spine that Mr. Morisato would see his daughter under the table, sucking cock, but also the pleasure Chiharu was inflicting on him and the dawning realization that he was about to come.
Meanwhile, Chiharu continued sucking him under the table. She was enjoying herself too much that she had no idea that her father might be able to see her if he looked down from where he was standing. When she felt him nearing his peak, she grazed his cock with her teeth and then deep-throated him again.

He came hard and she swallowed as much as she could, still some of his come dribbled out the side of her mouth.

Changmin, on the other hand, let out a few deliberately loud coughs to give an excuse to why his body is quivering.

When his breathing was even again, Mr. Morisato asked, “Okay now?”

“Yes sir.” He responded.

His boss nodded and walked away from him. Mr. Morisato stopped in front of Changmin’s door and turned to him.

“Get some rest now. I think maybe you need it, you work too hard sometimes.” He opened the door. “Oh, and thank you for listening to me, give me your opinion tomorrow?”

“Of course sir.”

“Okay.” And he finally went out of Changmin’s office.

Changmin immediately slid back his chair, pulled Chiharu out from under his desk and made her sit on his desk in front of him.

“We very nearly got caught! Do you know that?!” He whispered to her harshly. Her eyes widened at his harsh tone. “But fuck it all!” He added before pulling her head down to him and kissing her senseless.

Tasting himself made his cock swell almost to full hardness again.

“Fuck.” He said when he felt her stroking him to hardness again. Those feather light touches were driving him crazy.

He broke their lip lock and trailed kisses down her neck and then up to her right ear where he whispered, “I need to touch you, now.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” She asked him as he slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her pants.

“Impatient are we?”

“I’ve been impatient for two whole months now, so hurry it up.”

She squeezed his cock with one hand before stroking him faster, and used her other hand to quickly open her pants and push his hand in the opening, to where she wanted him to touch the most.

“So wet.” He whispered when his hand touched the lips of her drenched sex. He rubbed a finger over and over her sex.

“Stop teasing Shim.” Chiharu complained. She was squirming in his arms. His touch felt delicious but unsatisfying.

“Don’t you think you should call me by my first name now, considering what we’re doing and what you did to me earlier?” He said as he explored her, fingers heading for her clit.

“Okay, Chang—“ She ended in a gasp. He’d touched her clitoris ever so lightly and then rubbed it as fast as he could, with feather light touches, in the confines of her clothing.

She let go of his cock and leaned back on his desk, her arms supporting her. Pleasure spread throughout her body. She rocked against his fingers trying to get more pressure.

Changmin was mesmerized at the vision in front of him. Chiharu, he had refrained from touching her thinking she was a good girl who didn’t do this kind of thing; she doesn’t look like the same good girl now, leaning on his desk panting and hips rocking against his hand in her pants. She looked flushed.

“Changmin Changmin Changmin Changmin…please… please… please…” She whispered.

“Please what?”

“I- I want…” Chiharu stopped what she was about to say, too embarrassed to go on.

How do you say, I want to feel your fingers in me now?

Chiharu may have made the first move and gave Changmin a blowjob, but she wasn’t at all that bold in saying what she wanted him to do right now.

“Want what?” Changmin asked.

“More.” Was all she answered.

“More what?”

“Please Changmin, you know…”

“This?” He asked as he dipped his finger into her now very wet channel.

“Yes. More, please, more.” She panted.

He thrust his finger in and out of her slowly. When he removed his finger from her, she whimpered at the loss.

“Changmin.” She pleaded. Her eyes were dark with desire.

Desire for me. She wants me, has wanted me for two months now.

He leaned down and kissed her hard while one hand cupped her breast and kneaded the plump mound through her clothing and the other cupped her ass, pulling her toward him and grinding his erection against her core.

“Changmin.” She panted, pressing into him more; trying to get him to hurry up without saying anything.

“Uh uh.” He said, shaking his head. “I need to return the earlier favor.”

“Huh?” Was all Chiharu got to say before Changmin pushed her down to lie on his table, not caring that she was lying down on some very important papers.


“Lift your hips up a bit.” Changmin ordered.

Chiharu did as he asked and was soon divested of her pants and panties. Changmin pulled his chair up and sat down on it; now he was eye level with her pussy.

“Changmin?” She called out nervously.

“Hmmm?” He said as he draped her legs on his shoulders and pulled her closer to him.

When he parted her folds and just stared at her, she blushed to the roots of her hair. She wanted him, imagined him, doing what he was doing to her right now; it didn’t mean that it makes the actual experience of it less embarrassing though.

Her embarrassment getting the best of her, Chiharu tried to close her legs. Changmin held firm though, leaning down and blowing on her before licking her. She shivered in response.

“Changmin!” She cried out in shock when he pushed his tongue in her. Chiharu wanted him to stop yet she didn’t want him to. It felt too good.

Changmin smiled against her when he felt her relax. He continued to tongue-fuck her, pushing his tongue in and out faster when he felt her nearing her peak. Her legs tensed as she came closer and closer to the edge, and when he covered her clit and sucked on her, she came. He lapped up her juices like a thirsty man who found an Oasis in the middle of the desert.

Chiharu bit her lip hard, drawing blood, to hold in her scream as she came. As she began to calm down, Changmin licked her core a few more times and sucked on her clit once more before tracing kisses back up her body. He nudged her blouse up and out of his way as he kissed his way to her breasts.

“Raise your arms.” He said against her breasts. He swiftly removed her jacket and then her blouse in one go when she complied, took her nipple in his mouth and sucked hard. She grabbed a handful of his hair to anchor herself as pleasure spread from the breast he was sucking. He gave her other breast the same treatment before moving up to kiss her mouth.

“Undress me.” He whispered against her lips. He kissed her again, thrusting his tongue in and out of her willing mouth while she removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Her pace was slow. Her hands shaking so much from the sensations she was experiencing. He wasn’t making it any easier either. As his elbow was supporting his weight and his left hand caressing her left breast, his right hand made its way to her core and played with her.

She sighed in pleasure when she was finally able to remove his top and slide her hands against his naked chest and back, loving the heat he was radiating. She dug in her nails into his back in pain when he suddenly thrust two fingers into her at once. Changmin didn’t notice it though, too focused on the feel of her. He kept the pace of his fingers slow and steady, teasing her.

“Changmin please (pant), please…Want you in me…now.”

“Really?” He added another finger in her while his thumb stroked her clit in time with the thrusts of his fingers in her.

Her breaths came in short pants as pleasured coiled through her body again. He picked up the pace when he felt her nearing her peak again. This time, when the climax hit her, he swallowed her screams of pleasure as her body shook at the force of her climax. Changmin removed his hand from her and finished undressing without breaking their lip lock.

Changmin spread her legs wider, but instead of entering her, he brushed his cock against her over and over until she was moaning and begging him to take her. Sweat beaded his brow as he continued to just rub against her, faster, adding more pressure. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he pressed his cock slowly into her entrance and then slid inside her with one powerful thrust. He stopped all movement when he felt a barrier give and her tiny whimper.

No! His mind screamed. It can’t be.

He broke their kiss to stare at her.

“Are you?” He started to ask.

“Please don’t stop.” Chiharu pleaded, a hint of desperation in her eyes.

Hah! As if I could.

“I won’t. Just tell me if it hurts.” He said. She nodded.

He leaned down to kiss her and he touched her clit with his right thumb to distract her from the pain.

A virgin. His mind told him. He was her first.

Chiharu moved a bit and moaned at the resulting sensation. She did it again, tilting her hips up a bit and squeezing him inside, and this time Changmin was the one who moaned in pleasure.

“Move.” She whispered against his lips.

Changmin moved in and out of her slowly at first to give her time to adjust to his invasion. He panted, as the urge to go faster and harder rushed through his system. He broke their kiss and turned his attention to her neck, as he tried to control himself from pounding into her.

When Chiharu bucked against him, he lost it and thrust faster and harder into her. Her tight little body swallowing his cock.

“Changmin. Changmin.” She chanted as she met him thrust for thrust. When he felt her nearing her peak, he stopped moving.

Chiharu whimpered in protest. Changmin smirked against her neck, and slammed into her once before straightening up, bringing her with him their bodies still joined.

“What—?” Chiharu strated to ask.

Changmin changed their positions and was now the one sitting on his desk. He leaned against his elbows and said two words.

“Ride me.”

Chiharu blushed, but her eyes darkened with lust. She placed her hands on both sides of his body and moved her body up and down, moving faster as she adjusted to the new position. Her breathing grew harsh and her movements more frenzied as the orgasm started to build in her again. Her pussy felt hot to her, the friction every rub of Changmin’s cock created so delicious she never wanted it to stop.

“Yes (pant) that’s it.” Changmin encouraged. He so badly wanted to thrust into her, but he was enjoying the feeling too much of only Chiharu moving. He loved the way her breasts bounced up and down with every movement. He felt himself near the edge too, but wanted Chiharu to come one more before satisfying himself.

He leaned forward to take a breast into his mouth, and just before he did he told her, “Come for me Baby.”

Chiharu came hard and slumped against Changmin in exhaustion. Changmin quickly changed their positions, him being on top once more. He began thrusting into her again, slow-long-measured thrusts. He wanted this moment to go on forever, but he was so close now and the feel of Chiharu’s body clenching around his cock was too much for him. He draped one of her legs over his shoulder to get a different angle where he can go deeper, thrusting harder and faster than before. His eyes shut tight now as pleasure coiled through his body.

He felt her responding to him thrust for thrust and her nails scraping his back. When she squeezed him inside, he let go. His climax went through him like a thunderstorm, he rode it out until he felt Chiharu come again, and then he collapsed on top of her and tried to catch his breath.

Only the sound of their breathing broke the silence of his office.

“That was…” Chiharu began in a whisper.

Changmin chuckled and pushed himself up enough for him to be able to look at her. She looked so delectable, covered in sweat, her breasts going up and down from her breathing. He caught her chin and turned her to face him.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked.

“Was it wrong of me not to?”

“Not really, but I would have liked to have known beforehand.”

She scoffed. “Would you have had sex with me had I told you?”

He couldn’t answer that, since he honestly didn’t know.

“See?” She said.

He sighed. “Okay, so there might be the possibility of me resisting.”

“The possibility? You’ve been resisting me for two months.”

“Yeah, but virginity aside. How did you know how to give a blowjob, when this was your first time?”

She blushed and looked away from him. “Porn.”

“Porn?!” He repeated, not wanting to believe his ears.

“And enthusiasm.” She added.

He laughed.

“Oi!” She said and hit him in the arm.

Changmin kissed her again and felt himself getting hard again inside her when she responded. When he moved to get a bit more comfortable, the slight change pushed him deeper in her and she moaned in response.

The beginning of their round two was abruptly stopped when Changmin heard laughter outside his office. When he broke their lip lock to look at his door, he eyes widened when he saw it was ajar. He frowned a bit, he was sure Mr. Morisato had closed it. And that’s when he heard it. Yoochun’s laughter.

“Shit!” He cursed silently.

He and Chiharu were definitely going to get caught this time. Even if they were able to hide in time, they wouldn’t be able to hide their clothes which were scattered on the floor near his desk. He felt Chiharu tense under him.

His heart beat double time when the door opened more and he could hear his secretary and Yoochun talking.

“I said, no Park Yoochun! Shim-sama needs his rest. Morisato-sama specifically told me not to let anyone disturb him.” Koda, his secretary, said.

“Aw, come on. I’m just going to take a little peak at him. He might still be working.” Yoochun said, as he continued opening the door.

Changmin didn’t move Chiharu and himself from his table afraid that it might cause some noise that might catch Yoochun’s attention.

Come on Koda. Make him go away. Changmin silently urged on. He held his breath when the door still continued to open.

“I said no!” Koda said firmly once more before the door was shut close.

Changmin exhaled the breath he was holding. He looked down and smiled at Chiharu in relief, giving her a quick kiss before pulling out of her and hurrying to lock his door. When he turned back to her, he saw her sitting on his desk staring at him. He went back to her and pulled her toward him when he reached her, not caring how many of his papers fell to the floor. He kissed her again before whispering against her lips.


“Sure.” She responded.

open it firstt

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Melons wrote:
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Melons wrote:

Fixed it

Sooo adorable!

@huhlo look how adorable we are!

we so kawaii <33

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sunggyuluver wrote:sunggyuuuuuuuuu

Sorry it looks a bit cartoonish haha i'm still experimenting with realistic drawings :nervous:

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Krazymonkey wrote:Sigh, I didn't make it YET again.

Im actually taking more requests haha so if you want something tell me <3

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Nobody wrote:
Krazymonkey wrote:Sigh, I didn't make it YET again.

Im actually taking more requests haha so if you want something tell me <3

Okie can you draw a cute loaf of bread smiling and dancing? PWEASE.

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Xiahtic7 wrote:Taeyeon~

Lol i had to redraw her so many times and this one was the best one again sorry its really cartoony looking I'm still experimenting with realism

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Krazymonkey wrote:
Nobody wrote:
Krazymonkey wrote:Sigh, I didn't make it YET again.

Im actually taking more requests haha so if you want something tell me <3

Okie can you draw a cute loaf of bread smiling and dancing? PWEASE.

The Senpai that will never notice you~

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Nobody wrote:
Krazymonkey wrote:
Nobody wrote:Im actually taking more requests haha so if you want something tell me <3

Okie can you draw a cute loaf of bread smiling and dancing? PWEASE.