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Mall Day

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Post Jul 19, 2013 @ 6:51 pm

Today I went to the Mall.But, First thing in the morning I had a Chocolate Croissants with my mom.I paid for the breakfast this morning.We got too the Mall and their were one summer camp at the Build Bear Shop and it remind of how much I love summer camp and being with my camp friends.Good Memories.

We went through Forever 21 and H&M and they didn't have anything that I like at all.A little disappointed in those stores.Because, i'm trying to get away from the black clothes.And they had alots of black clothes.Maybe because their Fall season of clothes did not start yet.

Then, my mom and I went to have lunch and it was not good.We had a chicken Ceasar salad.The lettuce was fine to many bread so I put my bread to the side and the chicken was cold.So,I told my mom lets never ever do the Food Court food ever again.Then,We went to shop at Victoria's Secret.

Someone spray alot of perfume in the building then all of a sudden I was allergic to the perfume and I was about to passed out.Half of my face was RED.Then,After we shopped at the Victoria's Secret we went Macy's and NordStorm and they had good clothes to.Better than the Indian River County Mall.So I bought a couple of Shirts and shorts.Then, Late my mom and I went to the CheeseCake Factory and I bought desert and we came back home after we finished shopping.

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