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Single 1-888-585-0369 How to turn off YouTube notifications Solved

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Step 1: Open the YouTube app on your app
Sep 2: Tap on Profile icon as shown below.turn off youtube notifications
Step 3: Go to to turn off youtube notifications
Step 4: Tap on to delete youtube notifications
Step 6: Turn off the toggle button beside “Recommended videos”.how to delete youtube notifications
You can turn off YouTube notifications for the recommended videos by applying the above method. Still, you will see various recommended videos on your YouTube home and most of those are clickbait and totally irrelevant of your interest. Thankfully YouTube has provided the feature to let them know that you are not interested in that particular suggested video.
How to Clear YouTube Recommendations
Step 1: Go to the YouTube Home section.
Step 2: Tap the three dotted-menu-below the video you want to remove.
clear youtube recommendations
Step 3: Tap on “Not interested” optionclear youtube recommendations
You will see a message “Video removed” which suggests that the recommended video is removed from the home and you will not get recommendations for that kind of videos anymore.

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