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MV And this is why Fame-J is one of the best lyricists in the industry....

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Post Jul 11, 2013 @ 3:31 pm

Fame-j... one of the all time greats

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As if it’s blocked from all sides
As if it’s closed only for me
Yes, the thing called world
I don’t really know it yet, it’s all calculation

People and people, bad and well-off
Factitious encounters, you too know it well
Measuring and calculating this and that about each other
After considering it, it’s all just a shell [pretence]

That is fastened as to not show even a tiny crack
When we think the time is right, we trample over each other in a haste
Eternal friend and enemy
All of that stuff has already disappeared long ago

Hurting each other is common
Competing and keeping people in check, selfishness is a must
All of this is natural for us
Why on earth are we living this way?

I’m out of breath, my breathing is rough
Even if I work to death and my fingers to the bone, I’m penniless
Chronic fatigue, I have mood swings exhaustingly often, stress
I just get tired from the same every-day life

Emotions run dry and ‘you’ is different from ‘I’
We separate each other into groups, cut each other off, are sly and
Living cold-bloodedly
Is the law of survival here

You’re a bit different from others so you’re out
Those who have their own convictions and are upright are an annoyance and get cut off
The lashing [to urge us on] comes back without fail
The label “social misfit" is a package

I just feel out of place, cold expressions, everyone around is against me
Severance [cutting off relations] is the only choice to not be hurt
All of this is natural for us
Why on earth are we living this way?

Purely fabricated and dull conversations continue
Blocking my ears meanwhile, I’ve instantly become alone
Behind my back they whisper “He’s like this and like that"
They play it up and up and only I’m made the bad guy

Snowballed rumours become the truth
In this reality that spread without any chance [for me] to act
I’m becoming isolated, a deserted island
I’m becoming an island nobody seeks

Out of habit we ask for each other’s well-being and
Laugh mechanically at lame stories
A phone call history of hundreds of people, only business
It [the call history] gets longer but I’m always alone, it’s dark and cold

This is what we learned to call “society"
In the end there will be nobody left
All of this is natural for us
Why on earth are we living this way?

Why on earth?
Why on earth?
Why on earth are we living this way?

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I came late.

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