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Post Dec 29, 2016 @ 2:00 am


I made an analysis of song lyric Bermuda Triangle to help you understand the entire lyrics.
could you share your critics.

Rolex on my wrist, now it’s boring
Our song is playing every where
It’s kind of crime not a playing
Don’t let’em in let’em in
get out my zone 
Rolex is a watch, typical very expensive type of watch that only wealth people own
it. however Dean here said “Now it’s boring” that probably he had some of it.
then he found out that music changes him, his newest song probably the most
long-awaited song, and see ‘boom’ every where are playing his song every day,
every time. Just like every day you heard news about crime in television
[b]We we we never know

We we we never talk
We we we criminal
Don’t let’em in let’em in
get out my zone

Who 3fanxy’s in here
Grab a mic instead of shovel
Idiots who dug only one spot
What we do? Once we release a song, Boom
Only a few years later, we control Media naturally

[/b]Fanxy probably came out from the word ‘fancy’which means attraction ‘to feel sexually attracted’  is refers to them (Dean, Zico, and Crush) thatwomen are sexually attracted to them we know that Dean, Zico and Crush has a
charm. and this is such a uniq collaboration and people do not realize that
they will make a collab. That is why media and people pay attention so much for
their first collaboration.

United we stand, it can be a content even we don’t say anythingHuh
What happened in 1992? Huh
As expected, the past is one of easy topics to say Huh
Guys if you’re mad, Go online Ahh

[/b]We all know that unity is a strength. We needto bond well. However let see the word ‘United We Stand’ that the politician
mostly used only work for them. People are forced they worked on their own
instead as a team. And probably they refers to Presidential Election in Korea
which held in 1992, as a result, Kim Young Sam won the election he is from
Democratic Liberal party

Anybody anybody
Why role of objet has its eyes on the hero?
Became a big trend and changed the generation
Three idiots who became your role model
Why do every heroes movie see Hero as  protagonist character, and the villain as antagonist character. And of course
the viewer will biased to the Hero instead of the hero. This is because media
play a role in constructing our view of hero. And they are proved that they are
(Dean, Zico and Crush) not a hero, but only a three idiots unconsciously  change your point of view and became yourrole model. 

[b]Not cocky, Daily routine is on the stage

or at the studio, life of one five-millionth
Hakuna matata, I’m flying
Get money get famous
Yeah it’s our times
[/b]Cocky ‘ too confident about yourself and your abilities’ well I think they are quite
narcissistic and they intentionally said that “their daily routine is on the
stage” which means they are busy, famous singer. Famous singer=many stages
experience = money. See, it’s about money.

[b]You should check the place before you lyingdown

Ya’ll fakke bishes tryna act like me
Even just sitting on a couch and staring off into sapce (Pouring)
Mula mula we gon pour up
Murder murder, Hold your breath
The air above your head is fresh
Nobody can’t come over here

[/b]It refers to their haters. We can see all their vulgar words that they used to
mock their haters and make a fun. Refers to their haters as a murder.

We’re Yellow race But i got black soul
I’m listed as a hot keyword often
There are no rules to abilties
Review or Interview which always try to start a fight with me
Yellow race is type of skin somewhat yellow to dark yellow orange color. The skin colour that typical asian most has. and Black soul is reffering
to African American that they have pride, An unconscious expression of hope,
glory, and passion hidden inside of every black man. And again, since they are
(Dean, Zico, and Crush) had high self esteem, they do not want to mss anything
“what’s going on today” that they do not want people see them as a people who
had no any knowledge.

So cute, It’s really good to see when I’m sad,Aight
What makes you upset?
My success is always the first
There’s no meaning, I’m sure of my success
Numerous Stage, lots of Cams, lots of FansThey came out with narcissist.
Hip hop is about pride, money, wealthy, and women.Tickets are sold out and I’m concentrating on my next stage

[b]Imagined it
The view from the top is beautiful
But I know the danger of the height
Because I was experienced the bottom

[/b]Most singers, rappers, and all people  who worked in entertain they are not received a great success instantly, they
came out from the bottom. they are only an ordinary people. Even though they already
famous they do not forget who is h/she. And for what they are doing all this.

I don’t do overwork, fighting spirit with IV
If giving up the vacation is illegal, I’m committing a crime
Who paint a perfect picture
It’s part of the big picture
IV the abbreviationof Isla Vista, the small college community connected to UC Santa Barbara, one
of the top 10 party schools.

They are watching my ever
y movement
I’m not done yet
The rumors are helping me at the end
Can’t be controlled, I’m sso fanxy
They received a great success for theircollaboration, all media pay attention on them, all online news are talking
about them, their music play everywhere.

[b]You should check the place before you lyingdown

Ya’ll fakke bishes tryna act like me
Even just sitting on a couch and staring off into sapce (Pouring)
Mula mula we gon pour up
Murder murder, Hold my breath
The air above your head is fresh
Nobody can’t come over here

Don’t test us
I don’t need to prove
Not interested ah
Get your casket
You get involved in a bad love triangle

[/b]Casket is a box to keep your jewelry. They talked about their profit they got. Now
they are extremely wealthy.

[b]There’s no exit

In all honesty this sea is made of your jealousy
If you jump in because it looks fun, Dead
Cross out the big three lines
Let that twisted thoughts sleep
And put ZZZ above your head

[/b]They talked about the haters try to disturb them, make a bad news about them. It
seems that they (Zico, Dean, Crush) do not really care about their haters as
seen in 2nd and the 3rd line. They making fun and try tomake their haters worry. “do not you dare to stop me, or else you will falling
on me”

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