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Post Jan 12, 2019 @ 1:00 am

[table]Auto folder gluer
Folder gluer
Fully automatic cardboard folder gluer.
Automatic gluing machine
Production line
Corrugated paper board production line
A complete corrugated paper board production line includes the following machines: mill roll stand, pre-heater, splicer, single facer, overhead bridge, mulit-preheater, and glue machine, double baker facer, slitter scorer, cut-off stacker and ect.
Raw paper roll is fed to the mill roll stand. After heated and moisture ajusted by the pre-heater, raw paper will go to the single facer, corrugated by it, and gluing together with another raw paper to become single faced corrugating paper. Then conveyed through the over head bridge, re-heated by mult-layer preheater, after glued by gluing machine, jointed by the double baker facer. Then, continuous corrugating board comes out.
After slitting and scoring by slitter scorer and transverse cutting by cut-off machine, corrugated board with different sizes are produced. At last, these different size corrugating board will be stacked, calculated and then sent out by the stacker.
Way of heating: by steam Carton Converting Machine

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