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Fan Awards for 2017

Discuss the latest Korean pop music, MVs and performances
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Post Jan 24, 2018 @ 4:30 pm

This is gonna be a little "fan reflection" before the New Year. Let me know your thoughts :) 
So.. here are the categories: (remember answers should only be from 2017)
1. Favorite rookie group (Male & Female)
2. Celebrity who shined the most this year? (Male & Female)
3. Favorite album (Male & Female)
4. Favorite song (Male & Female)
5. Favorite male group 
6. Favorite female group
9. Favorite solo artist (Male & Female)
7. Favorite dance performance (Male & Female)
8. Favorite vocal performance (Male & Female)
9. Best fashion (Male & Female)
10. Favorite band (Male & Female)
11. Favorite MV (Male & Female)
12. Favorite collaboration 
13. Favorite LIVE stage (Male & Female)
14. Favorite ballad artist (Male & Female)
15. Favorite dance track (Male & Female)
16. Favorite rap/hip-hop song (Male & Female)
17. Favorite r&b/soul song (Male & Female)
18. Favorite indie song (Male & Female)
19. Favorite rock song (Male & Female)
20. Favorite pop song (Male & Female)
21. Favorite underrated group (This one does NOT have to be of 2017 only. Just in general)
GUYS you don't have to answer each one (I'd appreciate if you did though..) but the only thing I need to stress is you guys MUST respect the choices of other people. If someone comments a group you don't agree with, don't get mad. Just comment your own vote WITHOUT bashing anyone or their opinion. Thanks.

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