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(NB) [Instiz] Suspicions on Krystal's standing within f(x)

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Post Feb 28, 2015 @ 1:30 am

Instiz: f(x) Krystal's leave from the group currently assumed as fact

Sulli - Went to support Amber
Luna - Performed with Amber
Victoria - Called to support Amber

Reasons for withdrawal assumptions
1. Suspicions of parents blocking Krystal from (SM activities) after Jessica left SNSD dishonorably
2. Suspicions that SM has given up on Krystal and are letting her parents do whatever they want with her
3. Suspicions that Krystal's issues aren't newly surfacing but have been there for a while
4. Suspicions that Krystal was also going to file a lawsuit but has postponed it due to Luhan, Kris, and Jessica


"They're all just suspicions for now... As a fan, reading stuff like this makes me nervous because I'm scared they'll end up true."

"What's going to happen to f(x) then.."

"...Hmm.. something makes me feel nervous."

"I heard Soojung was filming a short movie at the time."

"Just because she's not attending SM events doesn't mean she's leaving the group."

"Poor SM..."

"I heard she shot a movie and is on break in America right now. There are accounts of her eating with the members and Amber said that Soojung helped pick out her songs too."

"Soojung-ah, you're just vacationing in LA, right? You're going to come back, right?"

"We'll just have to see for now... come on, SM.."

"SM really needs to step it up when it comes to caring for their artists' health."

"Whatever the case, I'll respect whatever decision she makes."

"I never believed these rumors whenever they went around but considering the circumstances of the situation, it's making me nervous this time ㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

"Amber has mentioned Krystal multiple times in her interviews and they all went out to eat in Apgujung with Luna too."

"Had a feeling this would happen..."

"Soojung's been busy with CF, pictorials, fan signings, and a short movie shooting after her drama ended. The reason she hasn't been seen supporting Amber is because they all went out to eat as a group in Apgujung a week before Amber's solo debut. Then a few days after, Luna and Soojung left for LA on family trips. Luna got back in Korea last week and was able to perform with Amber whereas Soojung just came back on Sunday~ No need to worry!"


cr: Netizen Buzz

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