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Remix SONGS/ARTISTS that I am currently obsessed with! <3 What are yours??? *tell me*

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Post Jun 21, 2013 @ 7:16 am

As the title says ~ what songs/artists are you currently Obsessed with??? Tell Me I would love hear it ^_^
~*My list from another thread* I find myself straying away a little everyday LOL
SHOW SPOILER Andamiro - waiting
The KOXX(칵스) 사랑춤 & Troublemaker ( ... r451eqHF4o)* just getting into other songs*
Ga-in - talk about S album
Ga-in & Hyung Woo - Romantic spring Album
Navi- Diary
E.Via - carazy fate
Dalmoon ( indie band) - Having nothing is merit
LYn- back in time
IU - spring of twenty year old album ( I'm almost 20 lol)
Yoo Seung Woo - Hello/ & You and I
Roy Kim
nevermind - Shooting Star & Hoi hoi (MV>>>(;
PASCOL - let's eat togther sometime (
The nuts - Love note (so heartfelt~;
Sung Jun - Jaywalking OST (drama shut flower boy bad)
Sung Jun- Today ( ~ so beautiful )
Lee Min ki - Not in love ( shut up flower Boy band OST)
Sung Jun - Wake up ( shut up flower boy OST)
J-Rabbit - Falling in Love (
Urban zakapa
Vanilla Unity - In your shadow (eng subs included ( ... K7mIVJsk5c)) & Hero *I'm also listenign to their other songs as well* ~ The Bass guitar player Nick Yohan Duvernay (aka Ra Gun), was on season 6 of Ulzzang Shidae and he is fluent in english and also a College Proffesor at Koryo University, in Busan.>>>Ulzzang Shidae ... ZM5DjS32gY
The geeks ft. Ailee -Wash Away
Juniel - 1 & 1 album and Fall in L album
T-ara (Ballad songs)
Kim Sunggyu- another me album
Vanilla Unity- Can't believe
Vanilla Unity - How do I forget you

Block B, EXO,U-KISS Dongho you will be missed,TINY-G,Crayon Pop,2EYES,SPICA,9muses,Rainbow,100%,BIGBANG
Yoo Jiae,Ailee, IU, and2NE1 + SNSD =SONEJACK 4 Ever[/center][/size]
Post Jun 21, 2013 @ 7:23 am

SHINee: Orgel, Evil
2NE1: I Don't Care (reggae ver)
CL: The Baddest Female
9Muses: Ticket
MBLAQ: Smoky Girl, Sexy Beat
Lee Hi: Rose
Big Bang: Fantastic Baby
G-Dragon: She's Gone, Obsession, A Boy, One Of A Kind

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Post Jun 21, 2013 @ 7:32 am

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EXO's new album
MBLAQ - Smoky Girl

Heechul's wife~
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