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Performance The 10 Best Kpop Songs of 2018 are voted by Billboard

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Post Oct 05, 2018 @ 12:28 am

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Post Jan 18, 2019 @ 1:30 pm

Recently, Billboard has officially posted on Twitter a video voted out of BTS's best songs since its debut (2013). Topping the charts was the hit "Blood Sweat & Tears" in 2016. This is a milestone for BTS to become the top group, as well as the title track for BTS's first number one career award, from Korea to the United States.
1. Blood Sweat & Tears
"Blood Sweat & Tears" is a song about what young people think, choose and grow. The more difficult the temptation to pass, the more you will think about it and can easily be shaken.
Blood Sweat & Tears "is a refinement to the finish from the style, image to music quality of BTS.
2. I Need You
This song marked the turning point in BTS's career - the first trophy on music show. MV is 7 small stories, talk about 7 people: revolves around youth, mistakes, ambition and can not help but mention the beautiful memories.
3. Run
A pop song with the chorus makes a rush. The song depicts the reality of life around us, the lives of young people. We run, run away from the past, run to the future, run out of reality and run for life.
4. Save Me – Deamn Ringtone
The desire to save the soul to be yourself, to be dreaming, to fly to the vast sky and escape the lost, confused. The desire to save one who has nothing in hand, awakens us from the dream of vanity. Meaningful lyrics are expressed through melancholy melodies and MVs are filmed in a "one-take" style.
5. Butterfly
The b-side song "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2" is surprisingly high on the charts. "Butterfly" is considered unique from "butterfly" choreography to "beautiful" lyrics.
6. Pied Piper
A lovely command of BTS for ARMY: "Do not fall in love too idol, but study hard"
7. Not Today
Strong statements about life, determination and desire to conquer the world: "We will fail but not today, we must fight hard"
Ca from the song is clear, wit, cute derived from the "dimples" leader "bulletproof." In addition, this is the song by the RM itself.
9. Spring Day
Quite unexpected when Spring Day - song of the year at the Melon Music Award in 2017 "lands" in front of the b-side. However, it can not be negated that this is one of the most beautiful songs of Kpop.
10. Fake Love
Fake Love is a full-color illustration, emotional expression and "ego" for the so-called "false love". When people do not live up to their nature, they will realize that the person who gives you the most true love is none other than yourself.

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