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Female Artist Official Lee Hyori Thread

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Post May 21, 2013 @ 11:02 am

Full name: Lee Hyori
Korean name: 이효리
Date of birth: May 10, 1979
Birth place: Cheongwon, South Korea
Height: 166cm
Religion: Christian
Company: B2M Entertainment
Profession: Singer
Lee Hyori's Official Twitter:!/frog799

Name: Stylish E
Released: August 13, 2003
01. Prologue (Drum & Bass)
02. One Two Three N’ Four
03. Sadness
04. 10 Minutes
05. Ice
06. Eve, Sleeping in Paradise
07. Remember Me
08. Today
09. Do Me
10. Hey Girl
11. Erase It
12. A Jazz Bar
13. Only One
14. Ghost
15. Cleopatra (Bonus Track)
16. Hot Girl (Bonus Track)

Name: Dark Angel
Released: February 11, 2006
01. Get Ya!
02. Depth
03. Straight Up
04. Dark Angel
05. Dear Boy
06. Winter Freshness
07. Closer
08. Stealing a Glance (Mars Remix)
09. Shall We Dance?
10. Slave
11. EMMM
12. 2 Faces
13. Last Goodbye

Name: It's Hyorish
Released: June 24, 2008
01. Unrivalled Lee Hyori
02. Lesson
03. U-Go-Girl (featuring Nassun)
04. Photo Album
05. A Barbershop’s Daughter
06. Don’t Cry
07. Do You Think It’ll Be OK? (featuring Bigtone)
08. Sexyboy (featuring Wheesung)
09. Red Car (featuring Kim Gun Mo)
10. Hey Mr. Big
11. P.P.P (Punky Punky Party) (featuring Nassun)
12. My Life (Foreign Song)
11. Unusual (featuring Seo Jung Hwan)

Name: H-Logic
Released: April 12, 2010
01. I’m Back
01. Love Sign (featuring Sang Chu)
02. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (featuring Ceejay)
03. Feel The Same
04. Bring It Back (featuring Bekah and Ji Yoon)
05. Highlight (featuring Bizzy)
06. Swing (featuring Gary of LeeSsang)
07. Scandal
08. 100 Percent
09. Want Me Back
10. How Did We Get (featuring Daesung of Big Bang)
11. So Cool
12. Get 2 Know (featuring Double K)
13. Memory (featuring Bizzy)

KBS Entertainment Awards "Best Newcomer MC"

KBS Music Awards "Daesang"
KBS Music Awards "Bonsang"
SBS Music Awards "Daesang"
Seoul Music Awards "Daesang"
Seoul Music Awards "Bonsang"
MBC 10 Best Singers Song Festival "10 Best Singers Award"
Mnet Music Video Festival "Best Music Video"
8th Golden Disk Awards "Bonsang"
KMTV Korean Music Awards "Singer of the Year", "KMTV Daesang"
MBC Entertainment Awards "Best Female Singer", "Best Dressed Woman"
Republic of Korea Video Awards "Best Female Singer Star" KM Music Festival "Popular Music Video - 10 Minutes"

Republic of Korean Broadcast and Advertising Festival "Best Female Model"
1st Mnet 20's Choice "Women Best Style"
Mnet 20's Choice Awards "Hot Style Icon"

2nd Mnet 20's Choice "Hot Style Icon", "Hot Musical Performance"
Mnet KM Music Festival "Best Dance Song", "Best Female Singer"

3rd Mnet 20's Choice "Hot Body", "Hot Multi-Tainer", "Hot Style Icon"
SBS Entertainment Awards "Popularity Award", "Daesang" (with Yu Jae Suk)

1st Seoul Arts and Culture Awards "Best Pop Artist"

Mnet 20's Choice Awards "20's Social Artist"


Remember Me
Hey Girl
10 Minutes
Shall We Dance?
Straight Up
Get Ya
Hey Mr. Big
U Go Girl
As Long As I Love You
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Post May 21, 2013 @ 2:34 pm

I made this thread already.YESTERDAY.

ps.mines is better.

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