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Male Artist Official Shim Changmin Thread

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Post Feb 17, 2014 @ 2:36 am

"If I do not exist, there is no world."

Stage Name: Max
Real Name: Shim Chang Min (심창민)
Position: Vocal (Tenor)
Age: 26/27 (Western/Korean)
Birthday: February 18, 1988
Star Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Seoul, Korea
Education: After graduating from Gaepo High School in 2006 he was accepted at Kyung Hee University. In 2009, he was enrolled at the university and studied postmodern music. In 2011, he became the ambassador of Konkuk University.
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Blood Type: B
Languages: Korean and Japanese
Religion: Buddhism
Favorite Color: Purple
Nicknames: Chwang, Ming, Voldemin, etc...
Ideal Type: (NOTE: Changmin's ideal type changes way too often but I compiled general facts and put them here) Changmin likes curvy girls. He likes girls who don't wear too much clothes in the summer/expose their figure. dang bro He likes cute girls who have good manners and love to exercise. He likes girls who look good in all hairstyles. He likes girls who are good at english and flirting.
Hobbies: Games, singing, reading and listening to music
Special Ability: Singing and dancing
6th Annual SM Best Competition – Best Singing 1st Place & Best Artist of the Competition
Member of DBSK/TVXQ!, has done a little solo work.
Able to eat meat meant for a whole family.
Can carry out conversations in his sleep.
Thinks that he's more handsome than Yunho.

Film and Television Appearances
SHOW SPOILER Name, Year, Role

Banjun Theater, 2005, Max Changmin
Vacation, 2006, Max Changmin
Athena: Goddess of War, 2010, Choi Tae-hyun
Paradise Ranch, 2011, Han Dong-joo
I AM., 2012, Himself
Fly with the Gold, 2012, Momo
Welcome to the Show, 2013, Himself
Saki, 2013, Cafe customer
Mimi, 2014, Min-woo


SHOW SPOILER 2012 Nominated for Best New Artist at the Hochi Film Awards
2013 Won Newcomer of the Year at Japan Academy Awards
2013 Won the Best New Artist at Japan Film Critics
2013 Won Best Variety Entertainer at KBS Entertainment Awards
2013 Nominated for Best Newcomer at KBS Entertainment Awards

Unorganized Wise Words

"There are things that we never want to let go of, people we never want to leave behind. But keep in mind that letting go isn’t the end of the world; it’s the beginning of a new life."
“ I don’t believe in bad luck. The concept has never crossed my mind before. Just believe in yourself. ”


"seperation allows one to learn how to cherish."

“Only when the five of us are together, are we called TVXQ!”
“If any of us leaves TVXQ, I will surely return to my ordinary high school life.”

"Don’t be afraid of the separation because separation is to prepare for the reunion."

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Happy Birthday Shim Changmin!
Post Feb 18, 2014 @ 7:45 pm

Pics from Changmin's birthday party yesterday ~

Happy Birthday Shim Changmin!
Post Feb 21, 2014 @ 9:23 pm

Changmin singing in new drama "mimi" <3 <3 <3

the last part suits him so well help

Happy Birthday Shim Changmin!
Post Feb 21, 2014 @ 9:28 pm
first episode of mimi on viki

Happy Birthday Shim Changmin!
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