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Gossip K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ?

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Post May 20, 2015 @ 10:58 am

Korinn3 wrote:
mikes1265 wrote:on your gif, where was it from? wish we had a translated copy with the before and after effects.

My gif is from an EXO fansign
I can't find the exact fansign

Bonus becuz its cute

I suspected the same people to be honest and Kai but Kai is atleast Bi, you can see by Kaisoo and Sekai

Post May 20, 2015 @ 11:02 am

Korinn3 wrote:
Payvaypay wrote:
Korinn3 wrote:Tao is pretty gay. I can tell based off his actions towards Kris. He seems really into Kris.

Aw, that's too cute.

It is.
Oh how i wish it could be real.

that's actually suho and lay in that gif not tao and kris

Post May 25, 2015 @ 8:00 am

YukiStar9 wrote:
rananicolee wrote:
YukiStar9 wrote:
This ^

and you bitches need to get a life and stop analyzing Kpop idols' sexuality, you're doing this for months now jesus christ this is creepy and not normal
focus on their music, not their personal lives

It's none of our business basically.

It really isn't.
like, I do get curious sometimes about things in my biases' personal lives(if they're depressed and shit) but I'm not gonna start analyzing, waste of time and it's not gonna get us anywhere cause we'll never know the truth lol
but I honestly don't care about their sexuality, all I know is that they're all fucking and that it
people seriously need to get a life and turn off their computers

^ why don't you shut your phony hypocritical a** up and move along, talking ish like your better than anyone else, your on these forums gossiping about idols like everyone else so you have no right to judge anyone on what they discuss on these forums so why don't you go get a life and kick rocks while your at it

Post May 31, 2015 @ 1:00 pm

I honestly don't know if this was already on here or not, but I haven't read through 100% of this thread yet

I believe,

Post Nov 10, 2015 @ 3:50 pm

OK, listen, while I try to sort out my thoughts on this matter. 

There really isn't anyway that I can definitely look at one of these dorks and say, "Yes, those guys definitely like peen". Even when they get touchy-feely with one another. And I'll tell you why:

They're boys, oldest one being 25. Men are very tactile creatures along with being very visual. And to add onto that, these boys are around each other day and night, winter and summer, spring and fall. They're practically brothers. What I'm saying is is that that they are very comfortable with each other. They have busy schedules, they're life is hectic, but that doesn't take away the fact that they are just boys and they want to have fun (and when I say fun, I mean it as innocently as possible.)

I hear a lot of people saying that if they were a straight guy they would not let another man touch them in a way that is "sexual". And really I guess that's them, but I beg to differ. I believe if a straight man is truly comfortable with his sexuality, that he truly knows he's not going to get a hard-on for a man and that he's definitely attracted to women, he will have no problem with doing things that are perceived as "gay" to others. And when I say that I don't mean actually going as far as intercourse, I mean stuff like kissing on the cheek or forehead, hugging, teasing them with touches. I mean don't girls do the same. Where are the double standards?!

We girls do those things and more. We hold hands, take pictures of each other kissing the other's cheek, hugging, cuddling with our closest friends, some of us even experimented and kissed on the lips. And never once do we question our sexuality. So why are men supposed to be different?  what I'm saying is, there is no way that we can tell if these boys are gay just by their mannerisms. Their close to each other, they feel comfortable with one another, and they play around with each other. They obviously like to push one another to see how uncomfortable another could get with the proximity they get. But to me, when I see that I think "They're just being boys with their best friends."

That doesn't mean that there is a gay man in the midst of these dorks, but that also doesn't mean there is. 
I just wanted to say that.

Post Mar 06, 2016 @ 12:00 am

VIP03091992 wrote:
ninaxbj wrote:
VIP03091992 wrote:
Hello i'm Korean, I've been reading all of your posts, and I want to address something people here think about the Korean culture!!...
First of, It's not so common for guys to touch each other, yes they do it under their own risk. meaning Yes people do think they're gay or bi when they do it how ever. if it doesn't affect anyone, then Netizens don't comment about it. I was watching a video from Simon and Martina. and I was nodding my head the whole time with my grandmother. they said, it's common . well let me tell you no it's not.. People think Korean, are against gays well no we're not really, just don't go around publicizing it .. Like don't go around screaming I'M GAY etc. Korea and Japan and China. or Asian countries in general have maybe a high quantity of gays how ever they keep it a secret or is onlu known to their family or friends I have tons of gay friends and gay family members. SO in other words. the whole. Is ok for guys to touch eachother and kiss eachother is normal.. IS NOT!! they do it cause they want to. they know what people will think.. and a lot of time kpop boys will use that to kind of let people know. hey maybe i'm gay. maybe not. but i'm ok with male on male interaction... Now I will say. what people think here in korea and regards to sexuality amongst fans.. etc.

Super Jr.
Siwon- Gay
Ryewook- Gay
Heechul -Gay

Shinee. The only one Netizens think he's definitely gay is Taemin. and people wrote on the WGM , that he felt uncomfortable and didn't like Naeul that's why they stopped so soon. which I can't say I disagree..

2pm.. Nichkhun and Wooyoung have been linked for years.
2am everyone here knows about jokwon after the picture on the gay bar!!

EXO.. sehun, Kai, Tao, and kris. are apparently gay/Bi amonst Exo fans. they discuss on the EXO showtime webpage..

Oh and GD people think he's Gay and he's huge here. he has his ways on keeping it to him self but at the same time telling people. if it makes any since

ok that's all I wanted to say any question please feel free to ask me

Weird. your perspective was interesting. Just curious, did you or do you live in Korea now? My friend said that the skin ship is not as 'extreme' as kpop makes it seem but she said that they're definitely more comfortable with touching than in America and that Koreans don't see it as a big deal.

Hello. yes I live in Korea right now. and yes some Koreans feel confortable touching other guys, most likely however people think of em very feminine just like they would in America, don't think you're going to touch a guy here and think you're straight, that's never happened. did you notice that those types of things stopped it use to happen a lot on TV SHOWS like star king etc. but right now a lot of idols are being told to keep a manly image! I was recently in a EXO filming for INKI maybe 2 months' back. for their growl comeback. and a man told Kai and Sehun to becareful how they were touching eachother cause there were fans and some could of sneaked in a camera (which somehow they manage to even though they're not supposed to ) I think that man how ever was their manager!! some fans liked it. some fans didn't the fans even just talked to eachother and said let them be. the fans that were close enough to the Door where the entry for the stage is. I was quite surprised! so hope that helps. but just remember... don't think you can touch another guy and think they're straight. they prob think they're BI that's always the first guess

Post May 01, 2017 @ 6:30 am

Paulistaa wrote:
laila8 wrote:
Paulistaa wrote:so hard right so hard conversation :) :embarassed: we cant do anything just watch , but it's obviosly that theyr'e not together now. but why why i never met people like you say. they always bash other's and look like FBI . it's sometimes is creepy

True. It is creepy at times. But not more than that glorious time when presumibly sharp eyed Cassies spotted Changmin in Victoria's spoon reflection. Like seriously... :-?

mikes1265 wrote:The difference with Yuhno and Jae is it was easy to see how much they loved and cared for each other. How happy they were with each other. So much more than other 'couples' in Kpop. It is hard for people to let go of that, they touched so many peoples hearts.

Yes!! I've been a Cassie for like 7-8 years? (gosh I feel so old now), and coming from all the jrock/jpop fanservice I was not really too much interested in kpop fanservice... until I started to notice YunJae. Then I started to think that YunJae was somehow different from all the fanservice I've seen.

And here I want to share my opinion, because I don't think I'm a crazy YunJae shipper but I believe they had a strong bond once, and it might be the main reason why they did not split in a very friendly way.
Because as blind as one can be, truth is that TVXQ after the split was divided, and no real evidence was given that they kept their friendship. I don't even agree with the whole "It's SM etc." because even if you are not collegues you can keep in touch. Eunhyuk and Junsu kept in touch for example. Heechul and Hangeng seemed to be in touch even after Hangeng left SuJu etc.
Probably things happened and they were all very upset. Not that time did not change anything. The duo started to talk again about the time when TVXQ had five members, which in my Cassie opinion is a huge improvement, but this is not a thread about TVXQ.

What I wanted to say is that I kind of believed in YunJae befor the split, especially thanks to Jaejung screming love for Yunho from every cell of his body on many occasions.

But I started to REALLY suspect them after the split.
Yunho is starting to go back on track, but for a loooong period he looked very bad. It might be because TVXQ as a whole were in a way his family and he was the leader, but he really changed a lot. His eyes were dull, smiles mostly faked or sad, he looked awkward and insecure in many interviews, no wander Changmin "took over".
Moreover his body changed and it's years since he last showed his abs for real (Mirotic era), after the comeback he always wore shirts or other clothes that cover his upper body. It looks as if he gained weight or that he just became bigger. What is mainly shown is his back, his shoulders, and upper back.

None of the members took well the split, but it seems to me that YunJae were both really affected by it, on a very personal and intimate level. Neither Yunchun nor Junsu from what I saw, expressed as much as Jaejung the difficulties to cope with it.
Another thing that made me wonder was JJ tweet about the book "It's a good thing if you are lonely now", a tweet he delated after a short while.
For quite sometime JJ twitter showed this short phrase "JYJ from TVXQ", now it is "JJ from JYJ", so he managed to "get over" his longing for TVXQ. His solo probably helped him a lot, but he too started to have some food problems now and then, and "changed" the way he behaved in front of camera and such.
yes he looks like a gay porn star... JJ selca are like this...

I'm sure the change that all TVXQ member had was due also to the fact that their image and way of acting was chosen in relation to the group as a whole so once divided they had to create a "new" stage persona, but YunJae seemed to have some slightly different difficulties in dealing with it all and as weird as it might seem after the whole JJ act during the TVXQ days, the most affected seemed Yunho, who despite his manly oh-I'm-so-strong-like-a-rock act clearly has a very kind and soft heart.

I'm just happy if they can both find their smiles again. Together or each one on their own with their friends, family and lovers. So I agree with people upset because of crazy YJS that continue to hurt both JYJ and TVXQ feelings. :serious:

ok.. we all belive and know that YunJae is be Real. it's Ok . it's be obvious . after separated group yeah Jae always try meet Them but other side dont accept . and Jae and Yunho look so happy more than past times.. they have more confident . Jae started meet "Other's" it's seem's Yunho too.

Yunho seems so cloe with His dancers. abouut Jae we all know too. And finally if Jae love'd Yunho so much then he must be stay in SM.

I know it might be too late for me to reply your post but I still want to say something if you will check it one day or someone who believe as you believe may see it. 
First of all,as one mentioned before,apparently both of JJ and Yunho are not as happy as they used to be in the past,one of the most significant evidence are JJ lost quite a lot of weight during these years after split and he said so many times that he often found it is difficult to fall asleep,once he said that he stayed in bed for more than six hours but still failed.Also,he had been so addicted to drinking despite he loves alcohol it's a bit too much. Another thing is about Yunho that many his fans all know that he had suffered from depression during 2010 so that he started to eat medicine which contains a certain kind of hormone which makes him become fatter quite a lot and that's also why he cannot lose his weight after that and be muscular as he used to be again.Also this situation has been admittedd by him indirectly by VCR which is directed by himself on TVXQ's con and also revealed directly by HeeChul.So get rid of guessing and feeling,all the fact we know is that they are much unhappier than before.
What may make you feel they look happier and more confident is probably because they become maturer and get more freedom.
Even in 2014 both of Junsu and JJ have mentioned about TVXQ for more than one time and Junsu even sang an old song of TVXQ.These all prove that they still remember and dont want to forget that period since that's what makes them who they are.
To give a reply for another one's question,they rarely mentioned each other is mainly because there are a hell lot of people argued about them every time when they tried to say something about TVXQ and since the fan groups have also divided into two stands,these arguments are really intense between JYJ's fans and new TVXQ's fans even up to now which forced them cannot say anything anymore.And for HoMin,it's obvious that SM will never let them mention about JYJ as what they do still try to force them out.Moreover,they certainly cannot show any communication with each other just because they are the core part in this incident while other guys they contacted with from SM are not.If HoMin show any relationship with JYJ,it is seen as they fight against their company.Then guess what will be going on?Definitely not good for either HoMin or JYJ.
To your last sentence,actually that's what most people say when they think about YJ.Although I cannot give you any exact evidence but there are two things might be food for thought.The first is that JYJ used to announce that they want to appeal together but something happen made HoMin change their idea finally and their lawyer company also said that when they first came to consult,there are five people together(although HoMin said they had never hear about this thing that time.Just judge by everyone themselves.)Another thing is that JJ sang a very sad love song from Yim Jae Beum who is appreciated a lot by Yunho on JYJ's 2010 Dome con and this is recognized as the most touched performance he has made so it should be something special hiding behind this song which results in his performance.Even after this concert,he sang it for many times,so it cannot be denied that this song is specially meaningful to him and if you browse its lyric,there is one sentence that I want to emphasize is that "since I'm dangerous so I need to leave you".If you take the attitude SM held to their YJ couple from 2008 to 2009 into consideration,it seems to be not difficult to understand.
At last I just want to plus that sometimes love dont contribute to make decision but often interest position.Yes,you can say it proves that they dont love each other enough,but life always more than love.