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Kangnam Says His Popularity Went Up But His Account Balance Remains the Same

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Post Oct 15, 2014 @ 11:18 am

Currently appearing in various programs, M.I.B′s Kangnam shared that his bank account is still the same. 

On October 14′s broadcast of MBC radio FM4U′s Sunny′s FM Date, Kangnam appeared as a guest and talked about his rising popularity. 

"My situation changed just a week ago. I appeared on the program, I Live Alone, and people started recognizing me afterwards. People also started noticing after I′m Going to School. I′m very happy and it feels like dream," said Kangnam. 

When Sunny said, "What′s the difference between ′Popular′ and ′Not popular?′" Kangnam replied, "A lot of people recognize me and I come out on TV, but my account blanace is still the same. I can′t say that I′m popular yet." 

Sunny then asked, "Is your account balance your standard?" to which Kangnam replied, "People recognize me but my way of living has not changed. It′s still hard." 

He added, "They said that it′ll take 2-3 months for my balance to be updated, so I don′t know what′ll happen yet." 

Post Oct 19, 2014 @ 12:00 pm

I bet his comapany took this chance to suck most of his income...

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